Photography P52 Challenge 2012

This year I am linking up with Darcy for her P52 Photo Challenge (except that now I'm linking up with Kent as there has been a change in ownership).  The goal of this project is to take pictures based on a different theme every week over the course of the year.  I'm excited to get back into photography and hope that by the end of the year, I will be closer to shooting on something other than the Automatic Mode on my camera!

All of my photos are taken on my Nikon D5000 (2009) and my Sony Cyber Shot (2007).  Most of the images you see on this blog are straight out of the camera (SOOC).  I don't do a whole lot of editing to my pictures, but when I do, I simply use iPhoto and just boost the color of the whole image. 

Here are links to all of the P52 posts I've done this year.
Thanks for checking them out! :)

5. Shadows

6. Drink Up!

7. True Love

8. Cabin Fever

9. A Great Leap

10. Be Still

11.  The "Eyes" of March
**This is the first post in which I used the Aperture Mode!**

12. Hunger

13. Details

14.  Foolin' Around

15. Sacrifice

16. Things That Grow

17. Green

18. Fiesta or Siesta

19. Still Life

20. Mothers

21. Favorites

**This is when I failed miserably at keeping up with the P52 weekly pictures due to being pregnant. **
The themes I missed included: Playtime, Water, Sunlight, Fathers, School's Out, KaBoom, Summer Treats, Movie Party, Sunshine, Dog Days of Summer, Summer Favorites, Ice, Heat, Endless Summer, Back to School, Hobbies, Birds/Flying, Collections, Sports, Cool Evenings, Sad, Leaves, and Happy Halloween.

That said, it is never to late to pick up and try again, right? So here we go again!

45. Happy

46.  Harvest/Autumn

47.  Food

48.  Giving Thanks

49.  Oh the Rush!

50. Christmas Cards

51. Anticipation

52.  Merry Christmas!

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