Monday, November 26, 2012

week 33 & a busy weekend

Week 33 is over and I can't believe how quickly these weeks are flying by! Only about 7 weeks to go before we meet our little man and the excitement and anxiety are definitely BOTH building as the weeks slip away.  Life as we know it is about to change completely and though we are both ready for the changes and looking forward to it, there is definitely a bit of apprehension about it all as well. We can wear rose colored glasses and think that everything is going to go smoothly, but I think it is smart for us to realize that there are going to be good days AND bad days and ALL will make for quite the amazing adventure.

This week was a very, very busy week.  We were able to get a lot done for baby, so that was really positive.  We bought an infant car seat (OMG), a bottle sterilizer, and a mattress for the crib this week.  These were all some of the big ticket items we have been humming and hawing about, but enough is enough and it was time to just spend the money.  We also got some material from the market so that we can make sheets and other things for the baby space we want to prepare.  Our crib and dresser/changing table that we had ordered also got delivered this week and they look great! Slowly, but surely, we are getting ready for our little guy!

Besides from baby stuff, we also had a busy week full of fun activities.  This week was Thanksgiving and we were able to enjoy the day with family and friends.  We ate some delicious food and had a wonderful time hanging out.

Pumpkin pie with pecans on top and our wonderful spread! I ate so much....way.too.much.

On Friday, a bunch of friends from work headed out for a much needed hang out time where we got to catch up and vent.  Then on Saturday, we had a very full day with lots of fun events.  Matt and I went to a Hot Air Balloon Festival that was held down the street from us on Saturday morning.  It was so awesome to see!


That evening I also went to the Yee Ping Festival with friends, and it was just as incredible as the last time I went.  Finally the night ended with a crazy storm that was full of lighting, scary winds, rain, and ended up causing a ton of damage all around town.

Khom Loys at the Yee Peng Festival!

Let me just tell you that this pregnant lady was worn out on Sunday and did absolutely nothing! Don't worry these aren't the only photos I have of this fabulous weekend.  There will definitely be more blog posts for all of these events in the next little while.  :)

Check out the baby bump! Yikes!

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: Pregnancy insomnia hit me again a couple of times this week.  I'm tired and occasionally get out of breathe.  I'm also breaking out again...yay.
Total Weight Gain: About 11+ kgs...we'll find out the exact number when we go see the doctor.
Cravings: I am not snacking as much these days, which I'm happy about as this baby bump seems to be getting bigger all of the time! 
Maternity Clothes: It seems as though I am down to just a handful of clothing options and let me be real in saying that I am not enjoying the repetition.  My vanity came out a bit this week and I moaned about not having anything to wear a couple of times.  I guess that means it is time to go shopping again! I'm still wearing a mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes, but the non-maternity ones are ones that I intentionally bought at a larger size so that I could wear them throughout this pregnancy.
Wedding Ring: On, but getting tighter and tighter, especially in the evening.
Sleep: This has been a rough week for me as I started off the week with very little sleep due to pregnancy insomnia.  So I've been trying to play catch up ever since then.
Belly Button: It is an outie.
Other: We got a lot of baby prep done this week! Wohoo! We bought an infant car seat, bottle sterilizer, mattress, crib, and dresser/changing table.
Fun story: My students had a fun time checking out my stomach this week.  They mentioned to me multiple times that my belly bump is getting bigger  and bigger.  Then a few of them decided to rub the belly which ended with one of the little boys face planting into my baby bump.  Oh the fun we have in first grade!

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  1. Ooh I wish I could have seen the Hot Air Balloon Festival! I didn't even know it was happening. And I'm way impressed you survived the crowds at the Yi Peng festival, preggo and all. There were SOOO many people! My hubby & I got caught in the storms on our way back home - and we were riding our scooter. It was crazy. Thankfully, our home isn't too far from Mae Jo. Great photos you got. Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks Jade! There are so many events that seem to go on around town that it is hard to keep track of them all. :)

  2. Great Thanksgiving photos! The Lanterns were beautiful... reminds me of the movie Tangled.

    1. Thanks! I'm going to have to watch Tangled now! :)


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