Tuesday, November 20, 2012

week 32

Week 32 is over and I think I'm finally getting to the point of being ready to have this baby for no other reason than I'm tired of getting bigger.  I'm enjoying the bonding time I've got with my little guy, but things are getting more and more uncomfortable as the weeks progress.  I'm working on staying positive, but it can sure get hard sometimes.

We are farther along this week and have actually begun to get some things ordered from the US.  We have also been pricing things at the different baby stores in town and hopefully will actually go out and purchase the things we need in the next week.  We are also looking forward to getting back the crib we sent out to be repainted and the dresser we ordered to have made.  Once those things get here, we'll try to sort out a space for baby and get some photos up to share with y'all.

Bigger every single day!

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: As the weeks progress, I think I'll be repeating myself a fair bit.  I seem to not be able to fight the tiredness and am always needing more rest.  Saturday was rough for me and I ended up staying in bed all day long.  My belly has also been feeling really tight lately, so I'm expecting another growth spurt soon, so get ready for a bigger bump photo in the near future.
Total Weight Gain: About 11+ kgs...we'll find out the exact number when we go see the doctor.
Cravings: I was definitely hungry for sweets this week and I indulged in some ice-cream and pie.  
Maternity Clothes: I'm holding out and still doing a mix of maternity and regular clothes still! YAY!
Wedding Ring: On, but getting tighter and tighter.
Sleep: I've been up a couple of times this week and it's taken me a while to fall asleep.  I'm also consistently beginning to wake up once in the night for a toilet run.
Belly Button: It is an outie.
Other: I've had some braxton hicks contractions that cause my stomach to get super hard and tight.  It  feels pretty weird touching my belly when it is happening as my belly feels rock hard (sadly they don't look like the abs I've always wanted...just feels like them).  They have only been slightly uncomfortable as I have to just sit straight up since there is no give when I try to bend over.
Fun story: I told my students that there may come a day when I need some help getting out of the little student chairs that I sit on.  Since then, I've been repeatedly asked about the job of pulling me up and it is definitely a job they all want to have.

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