Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 begins

I don't normally make resolutions.  If I do make them, then I definitely don't usually share them with anyone.  The obvious reason being that I don't really want people to know if I fail to maintain or follow through with them.

Recently though, I've read a few posts in the blog world about coming up with a word that will be yours for the year.  I rather like this idea as it doesn't limit you in what you can or can't achieve.  Coming up with this word doesn't fill me with the pressure I feel when making a resolution.  Rather, I feel anticipation with how far this word can take me (and vice versa) as the year progresses.

My word is TRY.  That's it.  Nothing flashy.  It isn't the most creative word or remarkable word in the world, but I rather like it.  It is simple and it is something I can attempt to do.  During 2012, I want to TRY.  I'd like to TRY a bit harder and push myself a bit more to become a more developed me.

I want to TRY to...
be a better wife, friend, daughter, sister
get healthy
become a better photographer
read more
challenge myself at work
see more of Hong Kong (and the world)
experience new things

Sending off Khomloys with all of our hopes, dreams, and goals for the year
in Chiang Mai for New Years

In order to get on the right track, I've decided to TRY to participate in the P52 challenge.  This is the Project 52 Photo Challenge by Darcy from my3boybarians.  I came across it on Pinterest and am hoping to TRY to make it through the year.  

I want to start this year off with a BANG!
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I think that is a GREAT word! It can emcompass anything and everything and can really help you to grow as a person. Good luck to you!

  2. That is such a great word. I am sure that you will start the New Year off with a bang!

  3. I Lived in Thailand for 8 yrs and never got a chance to release a lantern. Seems like a lovely thing to experience. Love your capture of it.

    1. Isn't Thailand amazing? I love it! :) You should definitely go back for another visit so that you can release some lanterns. I don't think that is unreasonable! :)


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