Sunday, December 30, 2012

week 38

Week 38 is over! We are down to the final few weeks of this pregnancy and it is pretty unreal.  As I reflect on it, I've been really blessed throughout this entire pregnancy.  Yes, I was sick in the beginning and yes, I gained weight and have been uncomfortable at times, but overall, I've been pretty healthy and haven't been too affected by this pregnancy.  I've had way more good days than bad ones and I'm so thankful for that.  In fact, I must enjoy being pregnant as I am NOT in any hurry for baby boy to make an early appearance! :) The truth is, I wouldn't mind him hanging tight until his due date so that I can have some time to just chill out before his arrival as life will be so different once he is out in this world! Can't it be all about me for a wee bit longer?? HA!

Taken on Christmas Day

We are having to go visit the doctor on a weekly basis now as really, baby could come at any point.  This week we talked to the doctor about our birth plan.  We went over all of our options for the various stages of birth/delivery and how we want to handle this active birth.  For those of you who don't know, an active birth is a natural birth where we remain active throughout the whole delivery process.  This means I can move about, eat, and do whatever it is that makes me comfortable while trying to deliver baby.  Our conversation when well and we left the doctor feeling really positive about it all and feel a bit more aware of what is in store ahead of us.

Some books we've bought and been given in anticipation for baby! 
Sadly I've not read most of them....oops! :) 

The cute material we found at the market and are using to make baby's crib sheets as well as his first stuffed elephant.  The material says "the animals went in two by two" and "noah's ark."

I feel really good right now and am thinking positively about delivering baby boy.  Don't worry though, I am realistic and am totally aware that there will be pain involved in the process and that nothing could go according to our birth plan.  However, I really don't feel any fear when I think about the birthing process at this point.  This is probably because I have been working hard on seeing this birth as something rather empowering for me by remembering that my body is made to have babies, so I can trust my body to get me through this experience.  I have been working on thinking positively about the birth and remembering all the women who have come before me and have made it through successfully.  I have worked on realizing the strength I have within me and the strength Matt has to get us through the delivery.  Overall, I really do think it is all about how you view birth and I'm choosing to view it as a positive experience.  As the doctor reminded us during our appointment this week, pain is good as it is bringing baby into our arms!

It is exactly two weeks till baby's most current due date! SO SOON!

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: I'm still a bit swollen in my fingers and my feet this week.  It's not terrible, but it is a nuisance at times.  I've also noticed that my hips are super uncomfortable when I get into bed.  It is usually only painful when I first get into bed and am on my back and also when I turn from side to side for a while.  Thankfully my hips don't bother me when I'm up and walking about or sitting down. 
Total Weight Gain: 13.5 kgs and yes, I LOST half a kilo somehow this week! I don't even know how this was possible as I seriously ate my way through the week with all the different special meals we had for Christmas.  I'm also noticing that some of the weight I'm gaining is spreading from my belly to the rest of my body, especially my face!
Cravings: I'm not craving anything, but am totally eating everything! I'm thinking it is time to cut back as what goes on must come off someday!
Maternity Clothes: Still doing a mix! 
Wedding Ring: So the rings are pretty much off except for when we are meeting up with others.  My fingers are definitely more swollen this week.  Sad.
Sleep: Sleep was good this week again.  However I've been going to bed later and later even though I'm tired.  For some reason, I'm just unable to fall asleep early anymore.  I'm hoping that will change, but I'm so very thankful for still being able to sleep for long uninterrupted periods.  Since we've been running around a lot these days, I'm quite tired and am hoping that next week will be a slower one.
Belly Button: Outie.
Other: Baby is partially engaged this week! This means that we are heading in the right direction and baby is slowly getting into the right position for delivery.  It's gonna happen soon people!
Fun story: This week we went and took some maternity photos around town.  Don't worry, you'll get to see them as soon as we get them!

Here is a preview of our maternity photo shoot thanks to our friend John Briggs.
We had a lot of fun with it and hammed it up for the camera.  
Hopefully we have some photos in the set that baby won't be too embarrassed by either! :)

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  1. So excited to meet him when I come back in May! Congratulations again, you two:]

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! Can't wait to show Chris off to you! :)

  2. The Dodges are getting very excited to meet Baby Boy!! hang in there, rest lots, and we are cheering you on!! Love your great photos!!

  3. You're so beautiful! <3 I envy you getting to give birth. :-) I had 2 active births (quite short ones as well, at least very short time in hospital before delivery) and minus the pain it was so fantastic to give birth! I wish you all the best. Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful baby boy!

    1. Thanks a bunch Linda! I appreciate all the encouragement! :)


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