Wednesday, January 1, 2014

c's 12th month = c's 1st year

C is 12 months old! Our baby boy is ONE YEARS OLD! Oh my makes this mama's heart big, proud, and oh so happy, and maybe just a wee bit sad.  All of the positive feelings are because C has made it to a year old so successfully.  He's reached so many milestones and has learned and accomplished so much within this first year of life.  It is really quite remarkable, astonishing, and very impressive.  I definitely can't take credit for all of it, but I'm hoping I did something to help him move along! The little bit of sadness though I think is also a pretty natural emotion to have as my baby boy is growing up.  He's gaining more independence and doesn't need me to nearly the same degree as he first did.  This definitely tugs at my heart and tear ducts as I know our time together will go by so quickly and that before I know it, he will be a young man who won't need his mama as much as I'll want him to.  Ugh...I can't think about that just yet or I'll probably start sobbing or saying something crazy to Matt about needing to have lots more kids! 

We have finally gone to the doctor and C is now 10 kgs and 76 cms tall.  Apparently his height and weight are both pretty average for a one year old.  The doctor was happy with C's development, so I'm going to happy about it all too! C is wearing mainly 12 month clothing and getting into size 4 shoes these days.  

C is such a kookie little boy.  This month, C learned how to grab at my shirt to show that he wants to nurse.  Do you think that this boy might be cut off soon, because I do! :) He is so impatient with food sometimes and makes really loud sounds/grunts/noises when he wants more food and we aren't fast enough at delivering it to him.  It's totally fine at home, but in public it is not so cool.  C definitely knows what he wants and what he doesn't want.  The stubborn little dude will spit food out if it doesn't suit him, which thankfully doesn't happen too often.  If we are trying to get him to eat something that he doesn't want to between bites of what he wants, C totally catches on and will look at the spoonful of food before taking a bite.  Too smart for his own good I say! HA! C also really loves drinking from a cup, however he is really not that great at it.  Why does he want to grow up so fast?!?

Besides from food, C also does a bunch of other silly things.  When he wants to be carried, he'll walk over to me (or any other adult he knows) and will grab my leg and basically push into me repeatedly until I carry him.  C likes to play with random strands of my hair that he finds of the floor, which is kind of gross, I know.  He still bangs his head on things.  Sometimes he'll bang his head on people, or on the floor, on his toys, and sometimes he'll just hit himself on the head.  Is this something I need to worry about? Sometimes when he does it, it is hilarious, but more often than not, I hope this is just a phase and that he will grow out of it fast.  We all have some kind of quirk, right? C is a champ at walking now.  He is walking so well and so fast that sometimes it looks like he is running.  He can also walk backwards a bit, walk over ledges, and walk/climb up and down stairs! However, when he is tired, he looks like a drunken sailor and falls all of the time.  It is pretty funny!

Highlights for this month include: eating french fries for the first time, celebrating Thai Father's Day and going to the Night Safari to check out some wild animals, was invited to his first birthday party, checked out the big Christmas trees around town, celebrated Christmas, and went to his first Thai wedding.

Happy 12 months or rather Happy 1 Year C!

Oh so happy to be 1!

Getting these full body shots with C laying down was NOT easy!


Happy little boy!

Messy it time for a haircut??


It's a wrap! 

I love you C!

...Things to Remember...
started walking
watches Elmo
met Santa
nursed the entire year
says 2 words in 2 languages

Also here's a sneak peak from a little shoot we did with all of C's monthly onesies.  
Adorable if I do say so myself. 

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  1. I love the onsie idea and what cute faces!

  2. He sounds like a perfectly normal one year old! My second child like to bang his head. He would do it on our hard Thai flooring which was marble on concrete. We would freak out. It never sounded good. However, after a few good cracks, he caught on that this indeed hurts. He stopped by 15 months. It must be a boy thing.

  3. Definitely looks wonderful happiness!, Nice photos!

  4. I do like that last picture!

    My son used to tap his head on the wall, I think just to listen to the sound it made. However, if you are giggling when he does he, he might think you like it and continue to do it because you think it's funny. Might just have to start discouraging it if you are getting worried about it - with no laughing. Good luck with that! ;0)

    It's only time for a haircut when you are ready. Be prepared, you might just cry because he will look older... *sniff*, *sniff*

  5. C is adorable! I love the onsie idea!


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