Monday, December 23, 2013

c's 51st week

It has been cold, cold, COLD this past week! When C is at home, he pretty much stays in his footie pjs all day long as it keeps him nice and warm.  Sometimes when it gets really cold though, we have to add layers above it as C doesn't have a whole lot of winter clothing.  We've had to do a bit of shopping and now have a couple of long pants and long sleeved tops for him as keeping his arms and legs bare is just not kind.  I'll have to plan better for next year and make sure he has enough warm stuff to wear.

C is doing awesome and continues to surprise us with all that he is learning.  This week, he has begun to respond to some of our questions with grunts and shaking his head.  I can tell if he wants more of something or if he doesn't anymore simply by asking him questions.  C can even ask for food now, which is super helpful.  It is crazy that we are beginning to communicate and that it is not all guesswork anymore.  YEAH! 

Speaking about food, C continues to eat a crazy amount of food these days.  We are thinking maybe he is going through a growth spurt as he eats and nurses A LOT.  I hope it mellows out soon as it is getting ridiculous! HA! Something I still do is to take food from home with us whenever we go out.  I know that he can probably eat things at restaurants, but on the off chance that we can't find anything for C to eat, I would rather be prepared than sorry.  So we usually pack water, a container of cheerios, a container of fruit, and a container of some sort of rice/veg/meat dish.  I'm hoping I'll be more lax about things and order more off the menu for him after his first birthday.  We'll see.

This week has got C walking all the more confidently.  He definitely prefers the walking to crawling now.  He can walk for quite long distances and has begun to get faster.  He also really likes to walk with shoes on these days and will find his shoes and bring it to one of us to put on for him.  It is pretty cute! 

Day 351 (12/17)
Love his gray/blue/green eyes.  I'm hoping it will stay this way.....

Day 352
Playing with his stacker which he is quite good at!

Day 353
Dancing with Elmo!

Day 354
Taking a walk with Daddy!

Day 355
Check out the gloves C's Ayi bought for him! It is COLD!

Day 356
An outtake from our weekly shot together...

Hanging out with his Ayi in the winter sling, which is warmer than the regular ones.  Also check out those cute shoes! C now asks us to put his shoes on when he is walking.  
Day 357 (12/23)
Checking out the lights one night at the Promenada Mall.

...Things to Remember...
- C now likes to sit on the sofa and bounce on it.  Either Matt or I will be sitting beside him and we'll help get the bouncing going and C just giggles up a storm.
- C went to his second birthday party and had tons of fun playing with all of the balls.  He also really loved playing in a tub of ice water...oops.  
- On a personal note, I am NO LONGER PUMPING! WOHOO!! I'm still nursing, but I stopped pumping as of 12/18 and I am one happy camper.  I still have about 160 ounces of milk frozen in the freezer for C to use up once we are back at work thankfully.  However, I do need to start looking at what we should use to supplement his milk intake with during the day as the frozen milk will probably only last about 2 months.

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