Monday, December 16, 2013

c's 50th week

It is official.  We have a WALKER! It has been so cool to see his transition from a crawler to a tentative only-taking-a-couple-of-steps to a full on confident walker.  C is a walking champ and can walk all by himself for long periods of time.  He still falls on his bum, but is able to now pick himself back up and keep on going.  At this point, C walks best on a flat surface and isn't that great with any dips of bumps.

C also has his second official word and it is Chinese! He says "mum mum," which is the baby word for food.  He uses this word when he is hungry for food and when he wants to nurse.  It is pretty cute to hear.  With all of this food talk, can I just mention how much this boy can eat?!? He is such a foodie and can eat a lot.  We are so thankful that he is not a particular picky eater and will eat all things given to him.  The only time he gets fussy is when he sees us eating and not sharing our foods with him! Silly boy.

Day 344 (12/10)
He loves his cereal!
I went to Cookie Exchange and had a blast and even won a prize! :) 

Day 345
Check out the massive bruise on his cheek! Is it bad that I have no idea where it came from? 

Day 346
Playing with a cow...HILARIOUS!

Day 347 (12/13)
C's first Santa photo at the Elementary School Christmas Concert...awesome! 

Day 348
Enjoying the birthday party! C totally fell off the couch as he wouldn't keep still.  
Thankfully it was a soft landing and he didn't get hurt.

Day 349
Matt bought these cool boxes for C to put all of his toys in! 

Day 350
Going for a ride and enjoying his cold teething toy.  The boy has been teething like crazy!

...Things to Remember...
- C went to his first birthday party this week and had fun celebrating his friend.  He played with the other kids and had fun playing with the birthday girls' toys and all of the balloons everywhere.
- C is slowly getting used to shoes and is wearing them often when he is walking.  He has such fat feet that it is hard to get his feet into the shoes, so we've been using larger sizes and hoping for the best.  Poor kid.

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  1. C will be so glad when he's old enough to wear flipflops. Love your blogs btw.

  2. Lovely family. Little c is so adorable!


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