Monday, December 9, 2013

c's 49th week

The weeks are beginning to fly by as they seem to keep getting busier and busier.  This week was particularly hectic as we had lots of events to go to.  In fact, there were so many things going on this weekend, we totally had to prioritize things as there was just no way to do it all.  I always find it interesting how some weeks are super low key and then BAM you are hit with so many invitations to things.  Anyways, with so many outings this week, C was a trooper about his schedule as it was kind of all over the place with weird bath times, late nights, and unfamiliar places.  Thankfully he did great!

A highlight this week was being able to celebrate Thai Father's Day with Matt.  This was nice as his first Father's Day was spent recuperating from C's chicken pox.  So in order to make up for the major delay, I tried to plan a fun day.  We went to a great restaurant called Nic's and then headed to the Night Safari to check out the animals.  Our timing was perfect as we were able to go on the two animal tours the park has to offer without waiting around.  It was a fun day with some great firsts for all of us.

The second highlight was attending a Baby Christmas Party hosted by the group of supportive women who helped us throughout our pregnancy, delivery, and after care.  The ladies invited all of the families they worked with over the course of the year so that they could have a chance to reconnect with the babies.  It was such a sweet time for us to be able to go back and say thank you again to this group of seriously amazing women.  They were such a wonderful resource for us and we will forever be thankful.  I also really loved seeing C interact with the other kiddos.  He totally made friends by sharing his cheerios!

The last highlight was going to a friend's house for a St. Nicholas Party.  It was a fun time to get together with a bunch of friends and their families and really start celebrating this season.  It totally put me into the Christmas spirit as we made ornaments, ate delicious gingerbread cookies, and shared some tasty foods.  I really like get togethers and cannot wait to host parties of our own someday!

Besides from the outings, C has had a big week all on his own.  This week, C began to take a couple more steps.  Some people classify these steps as C officially becoming a walker, but we aren't so sure about that as he does still fall onto his bum a whole lot.  That said, I don't think it is too far off now! As he is learning to take steps, his balance is getting a lot better helping C to stand alone for longer periods of time without any assistance.  Also this boy is teething, teething, TEETHING! He seems to be in quite a bit of pain and is particularly fussy at bedtime.  He has the nastiest diapers and drools constantly! I'm hoping whatever tooth is coming out will hurry up and come on out already as I feel so bad for poor C.  This teething business is not fun at all.

Day 337 (12/3)
So thankful that C loves his bath time with his daddy! 
He loves these stacking cups and will poor water all over himself! HA!

Day 338
This boy can CRAWL! When he gets moving, he is fast!

 Our little monkey on his first ride on a swing!
 Day 339 (12/5)
Happy Thai Father's Day Matt! You are the best dad ever!
C and I are so very thankful for who you are and for all that you do in our lives.

Day 340
C learning the fine art of sharing!

Day 341
These three babies were all born in January.  C was born first, then the little boy and finally the little girl.  Us mamas are totally hoping our little ones will become best buds! 

Day 342
Running errands can get tiring...

Day 343
Finally some photos of C with his first Christmas Tree!

...Things to Remember...
- C tried oranges for the first time this week! He was playing with a small one as he kept calling it a ball and I let him have it.  He then took a big bite of it, so I figured I might as well peel it and let him have a try.  After all, he's pretty close to turning one, so I'm hoping it won't hurt his tummy anymore.  The verdict...C loves oranges!
- As the weather is getting cooler, we aren't using the AC anymore, which has been quite nice.  C stays in his PJs for most of the day as it keeps him nice and toasty.
- On a personal note, I went to a Cookie Exchange this week and had lots of anxiety fun baking cookies with Matt and my mother-in-law (Jacquie).  C had a great time during all of this too as he played in the kitchen cupboards while we were busy baking.  Matt and Jacquie were a HUGE help to me and I even won The Best Looking Cookie Award! :) 

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  1. Hopefully their are some calmer days in your future!

  2. Wow, what a busy and fun week you had! Love those Christmas tree shots, especially the large one with the tree lighting C's face and also the silhouette of him standing. Beautiful!


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