Monday, June 17, 2013

c's 24th week

Week 24 has been a big week as C had the CHICKEN POX!! Crazy right?!? We have absolutely no idea who he got it from, but it put us out of commission as C had to be quarantined all week long.  Thankfully he was in good spirits and other than a fever on the first day and some minor fussiness, he was his happy, sweet self.  We went to a new pediatrician this time round and were given medication that C had to take four times a day for five days.  He was a champ and ate the medication with no problems at all! I was able to play nurse and crushed up the pills, mixed it with milk, and then fed him the correct amount.  It was a bit tedious, but I'm so thankful C didn't put up a fight when having to eat it.  Besides from the medication from the doctor, C's Apo also gave him a bath with some herbs in the water to help with the itchiness.  I don't know if it worked or not, but at least it didn't hurt! :) 

Having the chicken pox really cramped our style and we weren't able to do much all week long.  In fact, poor Matt got shafted on his first Father's Day as we had to stay at home as C was being quarantined.  Thankfully Matt is such a great guy, that he was okay with just spending the day together and not needing us to make a big fuss out of the day.  However, in my mind, we are going to have a redo, as Matt so deserves to be recognized for all that he does.  Matt is an amazing daddy and I so wish he could have been better celebrated this week.  He is wonderful with C and makes a huge effort with everything.  Matt reads to him, plays with him, feeds him, changes him, holds him, sings to him, dances with him, comforts him, talks to him, and is just there for C always.  I am one blessed lady to have a husband who is willing to actively participate so much in every aspect of taking care of C.  

Day 162 (6/11)
Saying bye to Uncle Scott for now and hoping he'll be back soon!

Day 163
Checking out the property one more time.  The house is gonna be good I think! :) 

Day 164 (6/13)
C got the Chicken Pox, but he's still smiling!

Day 165
Being quarantined at home as more spots developed after visiting the doctor.  
The spots were worse on his face, hands, and feet.  Poor baby!

Day 166
Full concentration as he is sitting up on his own! Way to go C!

Day 167 (6/16)
Happy Father's Day Matt! We love you and thank you for all you do!
Check out C cuddling up onto momma's pillow.  This week he has loved
getting as close as possible to our pillows and face-planting into them.  
Don't worry, we move either the pillow or C to make sure he is breathing safely!

Day 168
Get out of my face ma! C now loves trying to get at the remote when Matt is playing his video games.

Lazy mama in her pjs....

...Things to Remember...
- C tried carrots for the first time this week! He liked it okay, but it seemed a bit hard, so we are going to hold off on eating more of it until after C's a big older.
- Since C is STILL co-sleeping with us, our bed has become cramped recently as C is moving around a lot more.  I have now been kicked in the nose by his feet and am looking forward to the day he moves out of our bed and back into the crib.  

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  1. Oh no, chicken pox! Poor little guy. Looks like a mild case as far as the spots go! Hope he is on the mend!

  2. Oh no, chicken pox! Poor little guy. Looks like a mild case as far as the spots go! Hope he is on the mend!


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