Monday, June 10, 2013

c's 23rd week

Do you ever have days that go by with nothing going on and then suddenly there will be a day that has you running around like a chicken with its head cut off? This just happened again to us this week and I am exhausted! These days are lots of fun, but I sure wish that things could be spread out more evenly.

The week started slowly enough, with some relaxing days at home.  Then June 6 happened and I turned 31! However, the day was not all about me as we had lots going on that day.  The morning started off at our property where we began the first step to building our home! YAY! Next, I headed into school to see my kiddos off as it was the last day before summer break.  Then it was back to the building site to double check  how our house is going to sit on our property and things looked good.  Since it had been such a hectic morning, Matt agreed to a change of plans and we just did an easy late lunch at an Italian restaurant that we like in order to celebrate me for a little while.  After that it was back home to rest before heading back out again to graduation where we stayed out way too late! It was a super busy day, but totally enjoyable!

The rest of the week was also quite busy with lots of get togethers with friends who are heading home, some for just the summer and others for good.  It was great fun to catch up with people, especially since there were a few nights that Matt and I were able to head out on our own and have Apo and Grandpa babysit C for us! Party! :)

As for C, he's had a good week.  This week C tried egg yolk and pumpkin and he liked them both! C also is a champ at turning over and now does it all of the time! It just suddenly seemed to click for him thankfully.  At this point, he is best at turning over from his back to his tummy, but isn't always great at getting back over.  Baby steps, right? :) In fact, now that he's been turning over, C has even begun to sleep on his tummy quite a bit now, which may have us a bit nervous.  However, there is no messing with a sleeping baby!  C's also been a bit fussier than usual this week.  He's basically cried a bit more and has had a harder time with his naps and night time sleep.  We think this could be the start of teething, but who knows.  We'll see if we are right one of these days!

Day 155 (6/4)
My handsome boys! C enjoying some books with his daddy.

Day 156
Hanging out in the rocking chair.

Day 157 (6/6)
We hung out with my Grade 1 class on the last day of school for a bit.  
Then we also got dolled up for graduation later that evening.  

Day 158
Hanging out with Apo at the construction site of our HOUSE! 
The sun was out in full force and we gotta protect C's white skin.  HA!

Day 159
Enjoying an evening walk in the pakama, which is basically a local baby sling.  
This pakama is made from a long piece of cloth.  You just tie the ends into a knot making it into a sling.

Day 160
Finally a family photo! Thank goodness for self-portraits! We really need to start asking people to take our photo together as we don't have many of the three of us together.

Day 161
Nursing, nursing, nursing...

...Things to Remember...
- C tried egg yolk and pumpkin this week.
- C has been turning over a lot! YAY! One more milestone met....but who's counting?!? 
- C is still a night owl and doesn't like going to bed till after 10pm.  We are working on this. 

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  1. Love the one of the dad and baby. Looks like it needs a bubble for the baby's thoughts. :)

  2. First time visiting! Wow! Look at your son's blond hair! Go figure! I know dad, but wow! I am sure you get that a lot! He is adorable! Good luck on your new house!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Comments encourage me as well! Hope you don't mind if I link you, visit, and comment often :) Adorable photos, btw! Keep 'em coming!

  4. what - no Kindle yet?! Only kidding...I remember reading to my kids - we belonged to a book of the month club and they were always excited when the mailman delivered a new book.


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