Tuesday, June 4, 2013

c's 5 months old

C is 5 months old! C didn't have any vaccines scheduled for this month, so we don't know how much he weights or how tall he is.  I'm pretty sure that both have increased over this past month as C seems to just be a growing machine, especially now that he is eating solids! I wanted to hold out until C was 6 months old before getting him onto solids, but he was just so ready for it.  With his ever watchful gaze on us as we'd eat, to him being able to sit up while assisted, to drinking water from a spoon, and finally due to his crazy sleep regression, it was clear that C needed something more than just my milk.  So we started him off on rice cereal and haven't looked back since!

This month has felt like a big month in that C really isn't our tiny baby anymore.  I think the fact that he is on solids just makes him seem older somehow.  He is still as happy as ever and shares his big smile more easily to anyone willing to show him some attention.  He loves bath time and likes spending extra time splashing in the water and playing with his bath toys.  C also seems to really like sitting up as it gives him something new and different to look at.

Highlights for this month include: enjoying skype, splashing in the tub, celebrating mother's dayeating solids for the first time - rice cereal and avocado, sitting on his bumbo, and sucking on his toes!

Happy 5 months C!

Happy faces!

What a goofball! 

So flexible and so tall!

I'm gonna eat you!!

Smiles, smiles, and more smiles!

Sometimes happy, sometimes serious....


Cool hair!

Naked baby!

I love you C!
...Things to Remember...
began eating solids
smiles a lot more
splashes in the tub
sleep regression & transition
enjoys sitting in the bumbo

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  1. Oh Christopher Grandma loves you so much toooooo...you are growing so fast right before my eyes thanks to your wonderful mother for posting this blog....I look at your sweet face every night before bed and every morning to cheer me up....always know how much you are loved xoxoxoxoox

  2. What a cutie! aND he has great hair! :0)

  3. He is such a cutie! I love that open-mouthed "I'm gonna eat you" picture. Adorable.

  4. Happy 5 months! He is absolutely adorable! Love the cute onesie!

  5. He is getting so big! Such a fun stage.


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