Monday, May 20, 2013

c's 20th week

We've had a big week this week.  One that has been super trying and also full of awesome firsts for our family of three.  I'd like to just moan about all of the horrible things, but really, the good SO out weighs the rough parts...which I'm learning is a big part of parenting.  Things are tough and uncertain, but the beautiful moments that come through make everything oh so worthwhile.

One of the big moments this week was Matt's birthday.  We celebrated Matt in many ways including eating some delicious coconut cream pie from Love at First Bite, going to watch IronMan 3 (while Apo babysat C), and finally all 4 of us going out to a very late dinner at Chez Marco.  It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad we were able to make it all about Matt as he is just the best husband and dad this little family could ever want.  He doesn't usually put himself first, so it was nice to spoil him and treat him for a change.

As for C, he had a couple of fantastic moments this week.   C rolled over from his back to his stomach one night which made this momma super happy! He's only done it once, but at least he's done it.  Since then he's always on the verge of rolling over as he lays on his side, but he hasn't repeated the move yet.  Gotta keep us guessing, right? As if that wasn't enough, C also got to try out solids for the first time this weekend! C had some rice cereal and LOVED it.  He didn't spit it out (although it did manage to get all over the place) and actually fussed at us for being so slow in getting it to his mouth.  For now, we are feeding him at breakfast and at dinner and will slowly up the portions as time goes on.  Yet another thing to start just never ends! :) 

Now for the part that has made life ridiculously HARD this week is C's continued regression.  Remember when I said here and here that C's sleep couldn't get any worse? Well apparently I was wrong.  This past week has been ROUGH around here as C has not been napping well, going to bed late, and waking up every.single.hour to nurse in the night.  Yes.  You read that absolutely right.  I was already sleep deprived as he had been waking up every couple of hours, but once this started, I totally hit rock bottom as I'm the one that gets up with C in the night because Matt goes to work.  I tried to keep C in his crib, but it just got to be too much as every time he'd nurse and fall asleep, I'd go to put him down only to have him startle himself awake and cry.  Since we are all in the same room, this meant that I had to get him back up and try to comfort him and get him asleep again....only to have the whole thing repeat itself.  In order to help myself not become any crazier, we started co-sleeping again (I know, super controversial but I'm a fan) and it has helped me to survive this...for now.  I know C needs to get back into his crib soon so that he doesn't get used to sleeping with us, but the thought of it all makes my head spin.  Right now, my thought is to target one thing at a time and the biggest problem is the constant waking up.  Hopefully this is just a phase (I've been told that this happens around 4 months) and will pass soon so that we can move on and be a happy, well-rested family again.

Day 134 (5/14)
Enjoying milk from his bottle so that mommy and daddy could go out for a couple of hours!

Day 135 (5/15)
Happy Birthday Matt! :) 

Day 136
C with his Apo checking out the property that we will be building on in the next month!

Day 137
Chilling in our bed...happy as can be!

Day 138
We've been shaving from day one! :) 

Day 139 (5/19)
C's first time eating solids! He enjoyed some rice cereal for his first meal! It was delicious!

Day 140
Look at those eyes...melt.your.heart.

...Things to Remember...
- C rolled over...once.  Yes!
- C ate solids! He is on rice cereal for the time being and can't get enough of it!
- C's been on a regression lately and this week has been the worse with no naps and C waking up every hour to nurse at night.
- On a personal note, this is the most sleep deprived I've been and I really want C to start sleeping! 

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  1. Hey Melody! I just want to let you know that babies who are developing will usually regress in other areas, in your case it's sleep. "Experts" say it could be because he gets into a position that is uncomfortable and then he can't go back to sleep. While it is hard now, he will learn and be able to go back to sleep on his own. Yeah for learning new things and yeah for being a good mommy!

  2. The other thing I thought I am guessing he might have become dependent on nursing to fall back asleep. Does that seem right? so when he wakes up in the night (which is actually very common as babies have like 45 minute sleep cycles), he's not going back to sleep on his own like he should. So I'm thinking he might need to learn to put himself to sleep. Does he ever go to sleep on his own in his crib or do you always rock or nurse him to sleep? With Colby we totally made him dependent on being rocked to sleep so around 4 months old we had to break him of it by letting him cry a bit and go to sleep on his own. I didn't like the idea of "cry it out" so we did our own version where we stayed in there with him with a hand on him to comfort him while he cried but didn't pick him up. Gradually he learned to put himself to sleep through this. It took awhile though. It would have taken less time if we didn't continually cave and pick him FAVORITE baby sleep book is "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". The author's philosophy is based on the principle that the most important thing is a "well-rested family". I would lend it to you but I still use it all the time for reference. Hope he starts sleeping better soon, but even if he doesn't take comfort in the fact that you aren't alone! Many other mothers are surely going through the same thing and this too shall pass. :-) Colby sleeps from 7:30 p.m. until 6 or 6:30 a.m. these days. :-)

  3. Watching a child grow is so eventful!!

  4. Disturbed sleep is SO hard, but it does come to an end, and don't feel bad about co-sleeping. Definitely the way to go when baby is SO restless! My top tip though would be, that just for that FIRST 'putting to bed' of the night try to settle him in his crib. I always did that with mine and, even though I pulled them into bed with me when they woke up in the night, they did learn that the crib was OK too and eventually just woke up less. 4 months is still very tiny, so don't fret ~ he's probably growth spurting (bang on time) and needs to build up your supply. Feeding at night is the best way to do it ~ it might settle in a day or so, but meanwhile just take it easy, feed him as he needs, sleep when he sleeps (even if he's in your arms) and don't try to DO too much. He will be big before you blink ~ make the most of this time (hard as it is).

    I've breastfed 8 children successfully, co-slept with those who've needed/wanted it (which wasn't all of them) and they've all been sleeping through in their own cribs by about 10 months (or so). Don't rush it. 10 months is no time in the grand scheme of life! Routine is KEY ~ We found it incredible to see how a bath, a 'chat' and the same story/prayer EVERY night became a sleep-trigger quite early on :D

    Hope some of that helps ~ and encourages you :D You're doing good!!! Keep it up :D


  5. C is adorable! I can feel your pain with the loss of sleep and sometimes you have to do whatever you need to do to get enough sleep to function. Hopefully the solids will begin to fill his tummy and keep him sleeping longer stretches.

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear about the continued sleep issues. I know how strung out I get if I don't get good sleep; I can well imagine how hard and trying this is for you now! Anyway, I don't think you need to feel guilty about going back to co-sleeping. Just trust your instincts, do what you need to do to get you both some sleep and help C not feel anxious, and I'm sure it will work itself out in time. Good luck!

  7. What cute eyes! The sleep regression is so tough, so much is happening with the little guy, it's probably hard to pin point what the cause is...growth spurt, solids, nursing...good luck and hopefully it will be over soon and you will all get more sleep!

  8. Wonderfull fotos from Melody, best for her,lovely smile;
    Greeting from Belgium

  9. these are a big steps in his little life!
    in not time he'll be walking and talking :)

  10. Very cute. It is joy to watch kids growing.


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