Monday, May 27, 2013

c's 21st week

Thank you all so much for all of your feedback/suggestions about our sleeping situation - or rather lack of sleeping situtation! It was so nice to receive encouragement and to know that we are not alone in this struggle.  As it turns out, things have slowly begun to improve.  C is now sleeping more and instead of his hourly night time feeds, he is waking up every 3 hours to nurse instead.  Who would have thought that this little change would give me so much more energy?!?

We have also tried to put C back into his crib, but that has NOT been working out so well.  He just cries and cries when he is put into his crib, so we've ended up letting him fall asleep in our bed before transfering him over to the crib, which has been hit or miss.  Honestly, more often than not, C is still in our bed, which isn't ideal but still doable.  As long as he sleeps, right?? :)

Onto better news, C is still eating like a champ! This week we introduced avocado and C doesn't really like it.  We have tried it a bunch of times and he'll eat it, but he definitely prefers the rice cereal without any avocado mixed in.  Hopefully whatever we introduce next will be more enjoyable for him!

Day 141 (5/21)
Eating rice cereal! YUM!

Day 142
Chilling out in his tank top and loving it! :) 

Day 143 (5/23)
Eating avocado! We are getting a high chair in June, so until then, 
we are using this bumbo that a friend let us borrow.  It was perfect timing!

Day 144
A fun diaper cake we got from family members! Thanks! :)
- It was meant to be shared at a shower that sadly didn't happen due to a lot of conflicting schedules.

Day 145
Looking at some tiles for the house...hmm...should we go with the chip and dale print for Chris?!?

Day 146
C was a rock star and just hung out while we ate some yummy Kaow Soy.

Day 147
Holding on tight to the tub!

Laughing at mama!

...Things to Remember...
- C tried avocado for the first time this week.
- C enjoys sitting up and seems to try to get into a sitting position often these days.
- C seems to prefer the stroller when it is in a more upright position so that he can see out more easily.  Also I may be having buyers remorse when it comes to this stroller.  Don't get me wrong...I absolutely LOVE my Baby Jogger City Mini, but a smaller umbrella stroller might have been the way to go in this town as every place tends to be rather narrow.  Oh well, you live and learn I guess.  

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  1. He is growing so fast! I love this stage of 5-12 months! Love them all, but its fun to see personality emerge.

  2. OH, he is a real cutie pie!

    To be honest, my kids stayed in our bed for a very long time. Each child is different and has differing needs regarding security. Seems to be a bit too early to expect him to sleep in his crib... It's common for kids in Sweden to sleep with their parents for the first few years.

  3. Our kids both started HATING the crib at around 8 months. We held out with Felicia until she was a little past 1 or something (but every time she woke in her crib she was unhappy, which led to quite early mornings), then she got a small extendable "real" bed, that we put right beside our bed (no room between the beds), and there she slept until she got her own room at a little past 2 years old.
    Lucas screamed his head off any time he was in the crib, or waking in the crib, hating the crib so much that he got his real bed at age 8 months (overall he slept really poorly his first 1,5-3 years, so sleeping even less was not an option). Same procedure as last time, with his bed right beside ours (one side of the bed agains our bed, the other to the wall, so no risk falling out), which was really smooth actually, with lots of space for mommy and daddy to sleep in our own bed, easy peacy to get him out to feed the last months of nursing, didn't even have to sit up. And he was happy in his own bed. And often if he woke he'd just look at me, "there's mommy", and be comforted. No "bars" in between. ;-) At age 2 he got his own room and none of the kids have slept in our bed after moving to their own rooms, their beds being secure places from the start (and staying so after they moved to their own rooms). It worked for us.

    Babies don't have to sleep in their cribs or their own rooms. Different solutions work for different families. You go for what works for you. :-) You make the rules for your family.

  4. I am so happy to look at christopher's pictures every morning and every makes me almost feel like I can touch him and that I am not so far away...he is growing up so quickly and is sooooo cute can't wait to hold him in my arms again xoxoxoox Nanny


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