Monday, June 3, 2013

c's 22nd week

Can we spend a minute and just talk about how behind I am on my weekly posts on C? Oops! I've thankfully been *mostly* keeping up with his daily photos, but somehow getting them up here on the blog just hasn't been as easy as it may appear.  I've had enough people nag gently remind me of this fact lately (which I'm thankful for as who knows how much longer this hiatus would have lasted) along with expressing their need to see updated photos of C, so here I am...back at it.

This week has been a good week with a couple of firsts for C.  C is so flexible that he can now suck on his own toes! HA! It is seriously the funniest thing to see as he goes to town on them! C now also enjoys sleeping on his side.  For the life of me, I don't know why he won't just go all of the way and turn over again, but apparently he is just not ready yet.  Ugh! And yes, at times I do want to push him over, but don't worry, I have refrained from doing so....thus far! Another first for C has been getting to  eat bananas and sweet potatoes.  He likes them both a lot and continues to wow us with his ability to eat all.of.the.time.  Seriously.  He started off eating once to twice a day, but has moved up to two times a day for sure with a potential third time occasionally.  Not only is he eating his solids well, but he is still nursing tons! This kid is getting huge! :) C also turned 5 months this week (WHAT?!?), so stay tuned for his monthly post and his photo-shoot.

Day 148 (5/28)
In his pjs and looking totally ready for bed, right?!? :) 

Day 149
Just sucking on a finger!
So I had to include this picture of Matt as he got DRENCHED from head to toe after 
getting caught in a crazy rain storm on his way home from work.  Too funny!

Day 150
Do you think C has enough toys??

Day 151 (5/31)

Day 152 (6/1)
Happy 5 months C! He is loving sleeping on his side, which is just too adorable.  
Now if he'd only just turn over all of the way...

Day 153 (6/2)
YUM! C tried sweet potato for the first time this week.

Day 154
Taking his 5 month old photo shoot outside.

Time for mama to wear different shirts!

...Things to Remember...
- C added banana and sweet potato to the list of foods he has tried so far.
- He has turned over once and seems to be really, really close to doing it again.  He gets on his side all of the time, but hasn't taken the plunge again.  Hopefully soon he'll be turning over as this momma is getting a wee bit impatient!
- Now that C is on solids, his pooping situation has changed drastically! This is a bit TMI, but it went from being a yellowish mush to a solid green chunk.  It also STINKS a lot.

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  1. What great pics and what a cutie pie :o) I just wanted to say thanks for stoppin' by my blog and leaving a comment on my The Candid Photography post :o) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. She is so sweet - I like the way her hair is curling a bit on the top - such a cutie you have!

  3. That is one beautiful baby! Seriously that close up one looks like a baby doll!

  4. Such sweet photos ~ precious memories!
    Who would want to travel when you have that at home?? :-)

  5. He is absolutely precious! Stopping over from Sunday Snapshot and will have to make this a more regular visit...too cute!

  6. What a cutie - so talented too - being able to suck his toes like that!


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