Monday, August 12, 2013

c's 32nd week

C is 32 weeks and this was our first week apart as I officially began work this week.  C was a trooper and had a great week with his Apo.  I'm pretty sure he didn't notice a change at all.  That was definitely not the case for me as I totally teared up when saying bye to C that first morning.  Thankfully it got easier as the week progressed and I survived this transition from being a stay at home mom to a working mom.  That said, I am still having a hard time finding balance with work, with C, with Matt, and with myself.  Hopefully I'll get it sorted soon as staying up late is definitely not the solution!

So making this decision to go back to work was definitely not an easy one to make.  Matt and I went back and forth with it and he was so supportive of any decision I ultimately wanted to make.  It basically came down to the fact that we are building a house right now and need the extra income.  It stinks that it came down to money, but life happens and you've just got to be willing to roll with it.  Luckily C is being looked after by his Apo for the time being, so it's not that bad as we know he is getting lots of love.

Besides from it being our first week apart, C also had a pretty big week with lots of changes.  He cut tooth number 5 and 6 this week.  I don't know if it was because of the teething or not, but C spat up a lot this week.  He was always very discreet about it and if we didn't see it happen, we would have not even known as he didn't react to the spit up at all.  C also learned how to catch himself with his arms when going from a sitting position to getting down on his belly.  This has been great as now he is not stuck sitting and is able to be even more mobile.  C continues to love standing up and is quite the daring dude and will occasionally let go and try to stay standing on his own. 

Day 218 (8/6)
Happy Birthday Grandpa Richard! We can't wait for you to visit again.  :) 

Day 219
Silly boy!

Day 220
Playing with the letter smart!

Day 221
Check out those teeth!

Day 222

Day 223
He's a special one...

Day 224 (08/12)
Hanging out with Apo and Grandpa!
Happy Mother's Day!

Such a happy family!

...Things to Remember...
- C didn't eat anything new this week, but he did enjoy lots of new combinations of vegetables.  This week, C enjoyed carrots & lettuce, cauliflower & peas, and broccoli & corn.  This kid eats well!
- We celebrated Thai Mother's Day this week and went out to eat as a whole family with my folks.  It was great as we were able to celebrate what an awesome Apo my mom is and how blessed we are to have her nearby.  We also had to say good-bye to Grandpa today as he will be in the US for the next 4 or 5 months.  Thank goodness for skype!
- So C's sleep has been okay this week.  He currently wakes up about twice a night and we are managing.  

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