Monday, August 19, 2013

c's 33rd week

This has been a week filled with all sorts of new development for C.  It is crazy how overnight he has again learned a ton of new things all on his own.  He definitely does not seem to shy away from what he isn't capable of doing, but rather puts his head down and makes things happen! No fear baby!

C is slowly learning to crawl on his knees (8/16).  He's begun to do it a couple of times, but when he's in a hurry, he resorts to his commando style crawling as he is super fast that way.  C has now learned the art of sitting up on his own (8/13).  When he is laying on his belly, he is able to push himself back up to a sitting position! This has been super exciting as he just loves to sit up and look all around and now instead of waiting for someone to help him up, he is able to do it on his own.  Yay! C has also learned how to stand up on his own (8/15)! He crawls up to the sofa and using it as support, C has been able to get himself up to a standing position.  It is crazy! This has changed our world as we can't leave him alone anymore as he is now able to get up and doesn't seem to realize that what goes up will also come down.  HA! Needless to say, we are working on C learning to land on his bottom and to realize that it doesn't really hurt and that tears aren't necessary every time he plops back down.  

This is our second week apart from one another and so far we are doing okay.  It is hard saying bye to C in the mornings, but once I'm at work, I stay so busy that the day does seem to just fly by.  The only bad thing so far about all of this is that C's schedule has been a bit off and he has been waking up at 4:45am for a few days now! This is a terrible time to wake up and hopefully it will change soon as I don't think I'll be able to survive too much longer if this becomes the norm.  

Day 225 (8/13)
Happy...not happy...the joys of eating!
Happy first day of school CMIS!

Day 226
He's got the puppy dog eyes down...

Day 227
Check out those red nasty bites.  C get's bit by ants or mosquitoes and gets a big reaction to them.  The red welts last about a week.  Thankfully he's not too bothered by them.

Day 228
C's new stinkin' adorable sleeping position.  Love the bum in the air!

Day 229
YAY! Mama and Daddy are home!

Day 230
Crawling all over the place...

Day 231
What a goofy kid!

Look at us slumming it.  What can I's been a LONG week!

...Things to Remember...
- Poor guy was eaten up by bugs again.  His sweet little legs are just riddled with bug bites that are nasty and swollen.  Hopefully we'll figure out a way to keep the bugs off of him soon as it is just too sad to see.
- On a personal note, I am still having a hard time learning to balance my time and am staying up way too late to just get time to myself.  I'm thinking that my time is just going to be something I'll get back someday in the future when C is older! :) 
- So the students started at school this week and I have 11 grade 1 students! 4 girls and 7 boys.  I think we are going to have some fun this year!

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  1. I love the new sleeping position... they look so adorable like that


  2. He is growing so quickly! It has been so fun to watch him grow and change in this first year of life! Hope your year at CMIS goes well! First graders are so cute. I enjoyed my years teaching 3rd grade at International Community School in Bangkok.


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