Monday, August 5, 2013

c's 31 week

Here we are at week 31, my last week as a full time mom.  This is such a bittersweet week for me as I am SO very thankful to have had 31 amazing weeks with C, but I'm SO very sad about leaving him during the day as I head back to work.  I know that it will be an adjustment and that everything will work out, but it is still hard to imagine.  At this time, I will go back to teaching first grade and C will be staying at home with his Apo.  It's a really great situation and I know that C won't have a problem at all.  I'm just a bit worried about how I'm going to cope...

Since it's our last week together, I've been working on really enjoying every moment with C and not getting caught up by other distractions.  We went to our last playgroup and had a great time.  I may be calling in sick some days just so that we can make it back to the playgroup every so often as C really loves other kids.  C was able to play with his buddy Dylan this week and it was fun to watch them interact as they are just a few weeks apart.  C was definitely the aggressive one this visit as he just wanted to touch Dylan.  At one point, C went to grab Dylan's hair and let's just say Dylan was not such a fan of this move! HA! We've also been out around town a bit and C has enjoyed the outings as people everywhere just fawn all over him.  What a lucky kid! 

C has been laughing a lot more lately, which we just adore.  He also has now cut teeth number 3 and 4!  It is crazy how quickly his teeth are coming out.  C continues to love to stand and is always trying to hold onto us and stay standing.  This is fun, but boy does it get tiring! As he is trying to stay standing, he often ends up sitting on his knees, which is pretty cute.  Seriously...what does he do that isn't adorable?!? :) 

Day 211 (7/30)
Hanging out at his last playgroup session as momma now has to go to work.  He had such a good time this week as he was able to actually play more!

Day 212
At a restaurant with Daddy, Ayepo, and Aunty 0!

Day 213 (8/1)
C absolutely loves this book!

Day 214
Having fun on his mat!

Day 215
Where's C?? He's hanging out under the DRIA cover, which I love! 
Look at those cheeks!

Day 216
Hanging in his beater and loving it!

Day 217
Chilling with his Apo.

So happy!

...Things to Remember...
- Did you notice C's new hair style? As it is getting longer, it is not staying up as easily, so we're just going with it and brushing it down.  Doesn't he look like a big boy now??
- C tried baby corn this week.  We did a mixed veg dish with baby corn, carrots, and broccoli and he ate it all up! C also had blueberries mixed into his applesauce and he loved it too!
- This week C has undergone a bit of a sleep regression again.  We've been rocking him a bit to sleep and he's begun to rely on it a lot, so this week we tried to stop it.  C did not enjoy it, but we got through it and C's been doing okay again.  
- On a personal note, I've been sleeping later and later, which totally isn't going to work once I start working again.  The only thing is I just haven't figured out how to have alone time without staying up after every one has gone to bed.  Oh the dilemma...

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  1. What a happy little boy! So glad you have had time with him before heading back to work!

  2. I'm with you on the "only alone time" being after everyone has gone to bed! And in some ways, when I got back to work it was even worse- cuz I wanted to be with my hubby when I got home and after Tay was down... All I can say is you have to make choices =). Not something you wanted to hear, I'm sure!


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