Thursday, August 1, 2013

c's 7th month

C is 7 months old! At the doctor's visit C now weighs in at 8.5 kgs and 71 cm tall.  The doctor has been really great as he has been super positive about C's growth.  People often tell us how big (ie, FAT) C is, so it is nice to hear that the doctor doesn't think so.  C is a big boy, but totally healthy! Yay! So yes, C still has a very healthy appetite and can eat tons! He eats three meals a day and also nurses A LOT.  We are slowly getting more creative with C's food and trying to combine various vegetables to get different flavors for C to enjoy.  Lucky guy!

It never ceases to amaze me just how much C changes from month to month.  This month, I feel as though C really lost his infant title when he cut his first tooth! That little tooth took forever to come out, but C sure looks grown up now with that speck of white in his mouth.  He has also learned how to crawl this month making him one mobile little boy.  C is loving being able to move around and is slowly getting better at it.  He is crawling commando style and it sometimes takes some flapping about before he remembers he needs to push himself forward with his legs.  What a silly boy! Due to this, we've been trying to give him ample opportunities to practice as he is definitely rearing to go.

Highlights for this month include: celebrating Canada Day and the Fourth of July, eating homemade apple sauce, cutting his first tooth, undergoing sleep training, learning to crawl and clap, and participating in his last playgroup!

Happy 7 months C!

He just LOVES to sit!

Trying to crawl away and being a grumpy model.

 So expressive!

I love you C!

...Things to Remember...
cut his first and second tooth
eats in a high chair
found his penis
underwent sleep training
is a crawler

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  1. He is such a pretty kid, lots of love and blessings...

  2. He looks perfect to me, and certainly not fat. I think that is just sort of a Thai thing to say. My babies were called "uan" all the time.

  3. Precious! Savor these moments ... they pass too quickly. He is adorable and looks so happy.

  4. Hi Melody,
    Oh I'm smitten by his lovely smile - such a sweetheart you have! Cherish the moments, the development and the sweet little things! Such a perfect boy he is!


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