Monday, July 1, 2013

c's 26th week

Since we are all healthy again, this week has gone by much faster as we have been able to leave the house and do things other than being quarantined in our itty-bitty home.  We headed out on a couple errands this week to pick up things for C.  The first thing we got was a gently used (read - second hand) high chair.  It is awesome! C now gets to sit and join us during meal times rather than being relegated to laying on the ground beside us.  He seems to like it and doesn't fuss while in it....unless he is hungry and we aren't quick enough with his food! HA! The second thing we bought C this week was a walker.  This too has been a brilliant purchase as C is able to hang out in it while we are getting things ready for him during meal times.  It also gives him a change of scenery and he is able to practice sitting up and standing up instead of always just laying on his back or tummy.

In other news, C still has some issues with his sleep.  Currently he loves sleeping on his tummy, but hasn't seemed to figure out how to turn back around while sleeping, causing him to wake up and cry.  Not fun.  He also seems to hate his crib and will wake up instantaneously when put into it, which means he is back in our bed again.  Thankfully he's been sleeping a lot better and has been going to bed before 10pm and usually only wakes up once in the night.  He'll then wake up early, anywhere between 5-7am for a feed and then usually go back to bed till 8 or 9am.

C is an eating machine! Sometimes I worry about feeding him too much, but he's usually pretty good about stopping when he doesn't want the food.  I love that C is enjoying his food, but going out during meal times has gotten exponentially harder now.  We took him out and let me just say that it was quite the process.  There were tons of things to bring: food containers, utensils, bib, water, and a wash cloth. Then there was having to feed him in our laps as there wasn't a highchair for him where we were at.  Finally we had to get him to eat without making a huge mess.  Not so easy people! Hopefully as we get more comfortable with it, we'll become better at it.  

Day 176 (6/25)
Getting some love from the Swensons employees! The guy holding C came and took him from me and kept him for about 20 minutes.  Random thought, but isn't it interesting how being in Asia I have no problems with strangers holding my little man? I'm not so sure I'd be so willing in North America...

Day 177
Hanging out with daddy!

Day 178
Playing on his new cool walker! He loves it and so do we as we haven't put in the batteries yet!

Day 179
What mom?!?

Day 180
Just hanging with daddy and mommy.

Day 181
Looking too cute in his towel after bath time.

Day 182 (7/1)
Happy Canada Day & Happy 6 Months Baby C!
We borrowed a tripod to get our family shot and I'm thinking we'll have to keep using
it in order to get pictures of the three of us together.

...Things to Remember...
- C tried cauliflower mixed in with the broccoli this week.  He also ate a couple of organic gerber food items we got from friends.  He tried spinach, mango & pear, and banana & pear.  Like usual, he enjoyed all of it!
- C has been spitting up more lately.  One night this week we had to change his pjs three times and change the sheets to the bed.  Not so fun.
- C seems to have gotten my skin (poor guy) as he is one sensitive little dude.  He gets bug bites every so often and they get quite big, red, and last for days.  It is pretty sad looking.  Also he has been breaking out in a heat rash when he is really hot.  Thankfully the rash goes away quickly, almost as soon as he is back in AC.

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  1. Glad you all are feeling better again! Stay well, and I hope you avoid this crazy dengue that's going around!

  2. Your pictures are precious! Glad everyone is feeling better.

  3. That's a beautiful shot of the whole family ... one for the wall for sure :0)


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