Monday, July 22, 2013

c's 29th week

This has been quite a week for C with his sleep training happening in full effect.  I'll make sure to write a blog post just on the sleep training, but the main points for this week is that it was WORK.  His naps have been all over the place with some days being better than others.  However, at this point, I'm not as worries about his day time sleep as I am about getting his night time sleep in order.  That said, his night time sleep has also been a mixed bag with some nights being easier to handle than others.  It seriously is such a roller coaster of an experience and takes some major will power to be consistent and to not give up and to keep going on to where there is supposed to be a light at the end of this long tunnel.  To be fair, as the week has progressed, there have been improvements.  At this point, C is fully back in his crib, which is HUGE for us.  Also C is back to nursing once a night, which I've decided I can manage. C's still waking up and needing assistance falling back to sleep, but it is slowly (and painfully) taking less and less time.  Be on the lookout for the sleep training post as I'll be sure to write it soon...ish. :)

Onto some fun news, C loves to bounce on his little bottom when he is sitting these days.  It is just too cute to watch.  He'll be sitting there and suddenly just start bouncing up and down ready to go someplace.  We are pretty sure he'll be moving any day now as he is getting to be antsy.  Actually, C has begun to semi crawl this week! He'll lay on his stomach and given the right motivation (anything we don't want him to play with like my cell phone), he'll very SLOWLY make his way towards it.  He doesn't get very far and he definitely doesn't go very fast, but he does move to get to the object that is slightly out of reach.  So I'm predicting that by next week we will have a legit crawler over here.  Time to start baby proofing! Speaking of moving, another change that happened this week was taking off the base of C's walker.  C is now mobile and can use his feet to move around while sitting inside his walker.  He is slowly getting the hang of it and seems to be able to move sideways and backwards pretty well.  I don't think he always goes where he wants to go, but he is moving in his walker and getting around.

Last little bit of news to share is that C is now eating 3 meals a day.  He eats a small breakfast, which usually consists of just applesauce or banana.  He eats a big lunch, usually rice mixed with a vegetable and some fruit for dessert.  Then he eats a big dinner, which also consists of rice mixed with a different vegetable and some more fruit for dessert.  It is INSANE the amount of food he eats and the amount he still nurses along with all of the food.  I think we are all a wee bit scared that we are giving him too much food, but honestly he eats it all without us ever trying to force him to finish it.  In fact, he'll usually grunt or cry out if we stop feeding him too soon, which is why we've been giving him fruit as dessert.  When we prep C's food, we hope that his meal will be enough, but if not, it is easy to just give him some fruit rather than reheat more food for him.  I think we are gonna go broke on this kids appetite some day!

Day 197 (7/16)
He's gotten so big that we've had to lower the level of his pack and play!

Day 198
Hanging out at his Ayepo's (Apo's sister) house while mom and dad checked out the house site!

Day 199
Love his profile! Since teething, C loves sucking on his lower lip.

Day 200 (7/19)
I love both of these shots of C.  What a happy dude! Also did you notice his tooth poking through??

Day 201
Playing on his new play mat that daddy bought him.  Just a little extra padding for those many tumbles C experiences these days as he prefers to sit up rather than lay down.

Day 202 (7/21)
There is just no way I could choose one photo from this little mini photo shoot.  How adorable is he?!? This is C's first time sitting on the plain cement ground and also his first time sitting on grass! WHAT?!? Time for this germaphobe mama to start letting him out more I think.

Day 203
Yes, yes, C does cry...sometimes.  Can't let y'all think that he's perfect now can I?!

...Things to Remember...
- C moved from the top of his pack and play to the bottom of it.  He was getting too big and heavy and moving around just too much that we were nervous he would fall out of it.  So far, he seems to enjoy playing in the pack and play and doesn't seem to be too fussed about the change.  In fact, I think it has been better as now he can sit up and play while still keeping an eye on where we are in the room.  
- C LOVES hearing people whistle.  My dad whistles a specific tune and whenever C hears it, he just smiles and gets super excited.  It's pretty cute!
- Another one of C's loves are tags.  Yup.  Tags.  As in the tags inside clothing, on the outside of toys, on the sides of towels...the ones that people usually cut off.  Tags.  He will suck on them for days!  Why did we spend money lugging toys from North America over here again?!? HA! 

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