Monday, July 29, 2013

c's 30th week

I cannot begin to keep track of the many changes C is going through these days.  He is just growing, growing, GROWING! This week has been a really good week for us all as C has been sleeping so much better lately.  He consistently has been falling asleep anywhere from 7 - 8pm, waking up once a night to nurse, possibly waking up another time but falls asleep after a quick cuddle, and then sleeping till around 6am.  It's definitely been an improvement and we are enjoying it.  Since starting the sleep training, we've tried to keep to a strict schedule and have been working our evenings around C.  This means an earlier dinner and not going out in the evenings.  Hopefully as time progresses, we won't feel the need to be quite so strict as it would be lovely to go out with friends again!

So C is such a smart dude! He has officially learned how to crawl this week.  C can crawl forward and get to things he wants more quickly now.  His style is similar to that of what I'd image a swimming inchworm would look like.  He pumps his arms and legs for a while and finally remembers that in order to move, he's got to scoot actually touch the ground.  Thats when he kind of scrunches up with his butt in the air and then pushes forward.  It's pretty funny.  C is able to also walk forward in his walker now.  He knows where he wants to go and can now move himself in any direction he wants.  He loves it as he gets to explore even more! C can clap now too! His Apo has been teaching him how to clap for a long time now, but this week he started doing it all on his own.  When we say the Chinese word for clap (yes, our boy is learning Chinese), he does it with gusto!

Yup, that's right, C is learning/being exposed to Chinese.  He's also spoken to in English and in Thai.  Our hope is that he'll be able to pick up all three languages and feel comfortable with them all.  At this point, I'd say he gets the most exposure to English because he is with Matt and me as well as Chinese as he is around his Apo a lot.  I'll keep y'all posted on how his language develops and how he takes to all of these languages.  Matt and I jokingly say that C's first word will be in Chinese and we won't even understand it! HA! It could be any day now (not really) as C is for sure talking lots these days.  He makes all sorts of noises and sounds and seems to just want to have a conversation with anyone willing to participate.  The sound he makes the most goes something like "buabuabua" and he also says "aaaa" lots and lots.  In fact, we are pretty sure he is singing with his "aaaa"sounds as he often makes that sound when we sing to him.  Too cute!

Day 204 (7/23)
Chillin' in the stroller car seat at the store for the first time.  
Let's just say it wasn't the most comfortable...

Day 205
Hanging out with his great grandma TaiTai!

Day 206
Blowing bubbles on daddy's legs! So much fun!

Day 207
Such a big boy in his booster seat! We love it!

Day 208
This is a poopy face C made while he was eating dinner one night.  HA!

Day 209
C moved up to his next size clothes and is now in 6-9 month ones.

Day 210
So fresh and so clean, clean!

Such a happy family!

...Things to Remember...
- C had peas for the first time and seems to like them.  So I don't know if it's the peas or something in my diet, but C's poos have been funny lately as they look like little pellets.  I know, too much information, but I'll want to remember this someday...  
- C had another visit with his Great Grandma.  It is so funny seeing him next to her as they look so different from one another.  The asian gene in him is definitely not visible at the moment.  Maybe he'll be good at math?!? HA! 
- When drinking water from a spoon this week, C has loved blowing bubbles instead! It is the funniest thing ever.  We'll give him a spoonful of water and rather than drinking it, he just start blowing into it.  Of course rather than stop giving him water via the spoon and giving him his sippy cup, we just all giggle at it and have him try again.  Too fun! 

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  1. The pop face is so like Jack and it is not hard to see that they are related......I love hearing about all the things I am missing .....until I am with you all again......I love you mom xoxoxoxo

  2. So fun when they hit all those new milestones. He will be running before you know it. I think it is awesome to expose the kids to all those languages. My middle child could count in Thai before he could count in English.

  3. Aww, too sweet! Hold on to these toddler days, within a blink of an eye they turn 10! :-)

  4. What a cute little bundle and oh my they grow so fast!



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