Monday, July 15, 2013

c's 28th week

This has been a BIG week for C.  This week, C cut his first tooth! That's right, our little boy is getting teeth! I've mentioned that he's been fussier (although it is pretty minimal) and has been drooling so much lately, so it is nice to finally have something to show for it.  You can barely see the tooth, but it is out of the gums and can definitely be felt now.  Oh get ready for some adorable toothy smiles coming your way in the nearish future! Another awesome thing that happened this week is that Matt bought C a fun foamy alphabet mat so that he can move around more and hopefully be more protected should he face plant onto the ground.  C is enjoying the mat and likes to get to the corners where he'll lift it up and suck on the end pieces until someone stops him.  

So the face-planting is a total possibility too as C is just a rockstar with his sitting and seems to prefer it to laying down.  He isn't able to sit himself up yet, but he's definitely learned all about gravity as he's fallen over a few times now trying to reach for different things.  He's getting better at toppling over and not crying when it happens anymore thankfully.  Besides loving to sit, C also really enjoys standing.  Don't get too excited as he is totally not doing it on his own...yet.  We have been holding his fingers and with a tiny bit of assistance, he can go from laying down to sitting up and eventually to standing, although usually he prefers to just go from laying down to standing! Are we going to have an early walker maybe?!?

On the not so fun side of life, C got bit by ants this week while sleeping on our bed.  We have no idea how many ants got him and why they only got him, but he had a couple of bites on the right side of his face, his right hand, and then on his left leg.  Poor baby! It wasn't that bad the first day as he'd been bitten before.  However, by evening, the bites were a bit puffy.  We thought they wouldn't get any worse, but boy were we wrong! His poor eye became all swollen so we took C to the hospital real quick and he was put on antihistamines and got some cream.  The doctor thinks that C had a slight allergic reaction to the bites.  Thankfully after a few days of meds, everything cleared right up!

So the last thing to share is that we decided to start sleep training C this week.  Matt and I both had been reading about it for a while now and on Thursday we started.  That first night was ROUGH.  C woke up at about 11:30pm, nursed, fell asleep, and woke up wanting to nurse more not 5 minutes later.  So on a whim, I decided that he wasn't hungry and just needed to learn to fall asleep on his own.  Oh man...what was I thinking?!? It was 2.5 hours later before C finally fell back asleep after lots and LOTS of tears, screams, whimpers, stares, and even a fall off of our bed.  But now that we've started, we have continued and I'll make sure to share the results after a week of sleep training.  It will get better right?

Day 190 (7/9)
My two boys!

Day 191
Getting so big on his change mat.  We had to take down some of 
the art work above his mat as C is now able to reach them. 

Day 192 (7/11)
You can't see it, but C cut his first tooth (the right front tooth)! Also check out those baby blues! :) 
This was the day we decided to start sleep training C.

Day 193
C got bit on his face and looked so pitiful.

Day 194
Instead of the bite getting better, it got WAY worse! Poor little boy!

Day 195
Who's ready to get out of his crib?!? 

Day 196
YAY! C is finally sleeping in his crib again.
After the fall off of our bed, C has been sleeping in his crib every night!

Love his little grin!

...Things to Remember...
- C ate squash this week and loved it!
- C's first tooth came out!
- C fell off our bed for the first time.  So sad.  Thankfully our bed isn't too high, so he didn't get any sort of bruise and wasn't badly hurt by the fall.  Needless to say, we have been way more careful since and C is back in his own crib again.
- On a personal note, can I mention the fact that I'm still losing a ton of hair!? Seriously.  I'm going to go bald soon.  Not only am I losing lots and lots, I feel as though the texture of my hair has changed.  Gone from silky smooth to something a bit more course.  Time for a trip to the salon I think as it has been about a year.  Maybe they can work some magic...

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  1. I love his little tuft of hair. I empathize with his bug bites. Both my first born son and I had terrible reactions to Thai Mosquitos. I use to get bit near my eye and get that same black eyed look. Ugh. Poor baby. Sambak was my best friend.

  2. Oh my that hair is so cute!


  3. Ooh, I remember those sleepless nights. It'll get better (in about 18 years!)

  4. Sweet, sweet baby!!! I just did an entire post on my little one's sleep issues. Aye yi yi! My best wishes!! ;)

  5. OK, I finally figured out how to leave a comment! Tricky! LOL!!! What a sweetheart you got there, precious! My hair changed a lot after my baby was born too it got a lot more curly ever since! I heard of that happening to lots of new mothers! Weird eh? Take care and thank you for your visit!

  6. See if you can find some Biotin. It's good for hair and nails. I too started losing my hair and someone suggested trying it. My hair is not falling out by the hand full anymore!



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