Saturday, May 18, 2013

c's 19th week

Phew...what a week! This has been quite a busy week for this tired momma, but the show must go on! This week we celebrated C's Apo's (Grandma) birthday and my very first Mother's Day! Both days were fabulous and C did great at the restaurants...letting us adults enjoy our meals.  :) 

My first Mother's Day was just lovely.  It was a busy day, so we only had a short time to celebrate it as our small family of three.  Matt took me to have high tea (which is a great tradition to start and continue...hint!).  C's gift was taking a nap on a bench while we were eating giving us a chance to chat and just enjoy each other's company.  Then Matt gifted me with a beautiful necklace containing C's birth stone (garnet).  I don't think I'll be wearing it all of the time though because C is currently grabbing at everything these days!

A highlight this week has been watching C becoming more involved in his bath time and starting to splash about like a maniac.  It is so cute to watch as he just goes to town and doesn't care that he is splashing everyone around him and getting water all over his face.  We even gave him some bath toys to play with and he is totally into them.  Bath time went from being good, to being awesome!  

So, remember when I mentioned on week 17 that C was sleeping through the night and then on week 18 how C went back to waking up every three hours for a feed? Well as of this week, C has gotten even worse and has been waking up every 2 hours to nurse in the night! It will get better someday soon, right?? It can't get any worse than this though (fingers crossed).  Needless to say, I am TIRED, especially since C also hasn't been napping well for a while now.  Oh well....this too shall pass! 

Day 127 (5/7)
What a big boy in his basketball gear!

Day 128
Relaxing in the bath...

Day 129
Looking towards the night light and choosing NOT to sleep!

Day 130
Hanging with his buddy! Apparently C wants to be the center of attention! :) 

Day 131 (5/11)
Happy Birthday Apo!
We had fun celebrating Apo's birthday at the Rachamankha Hotel.  
It is a beautiful hotel and we enjoyed some yummy food!

Day 132 (5/12)
Happy Mother's Day!
Matt (and C) spoiled me rotten and took me to tea at the Ping Nakara Hotel & Spa!

Day 133 (5/13)
Today C splashed in the tub for the first time and played with some tub toys! 
It was adorable to see him enjoy his bath and really play.

...Things to Remember...
- There has been a regression in C's sleep over the last couple of weeks and I've heard that this happens in a babies fourth month.  Hopefully it will change real soon and he'll start sleeping better as I could definitely use more sleep!
- C actively splashed in the bath this week and even played with some fun bath toys!
- C continues to smile and talk more and more every day.  He is really happy most of the time, which we are so thankful for!

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  1. Oh Christopher you get cuter and cuter and cuter every day.....grandma wishes she could reach through the screen and get you, you don't know it but I love you so.....xo

  2. Christopher, oh and I forgot to say that is probably the first time your daddy poured tea from a teapot.....or any other way for that matter he must love your mom so much

  3. oh so so so cute! what sweet photos of your little one. xo

  4. What a sweet smile in the first photo!

  5. What a gorgeous bubba! He is just adorable!

  6. Sweet, sweet moment!!


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