Monday, December 2, 2013

c's 48th week

We had a lovely week filled with lots of family time and simple outings.  The biggest outing we had was heading over to share Thanksgiving with some extended family and friends.  It was a late night, but C did really well and had lots of fun.

We also headed to the mall for some Christmas shopping this week and C was able to check out the really big Christmas tree in the center of the mall.  He kept shouting 'ball, ball' every time he saw ball ornaments anywhere in the mall.  It was quite funny as he is LOUD! Another fun moment for C was eating french fries at a restaurant.  He was getting antsy, so we gave him a couple of pieces while his dinner was being sorted. He seemed to like them, but hopefully won't get used to them as I'd like to avoid feeding him unhealthy foods for as long as possible.  Like Matt always says, C is one blessed kid as he eats better than we do!

This week we also put up our Christmas tree.  It's just a tiny little thing for C for his first Christmas.  I thought I was being smart in filling it with cool little ball ornaments as he loves balls so much.  Yeah, not the brightest idea I've ever had.  When we first put it up, he couldn't stop shouting the word ball and pointing to it.  I'm pretty sure it frustrated him to no end that there were all these balls just out of reach and we weren't doing anything to help him play with them.  Oops.  

Day 330 (11/26)
Playing outside!

Day 331
Splish splash I'm taking a bath! 

Day 332 (11/28)
Happy American Thanksgiving! C enjoyed playing with his Grandma all evening.

Day 333
Hello? Anyone there? C loves to put things up to his ear like a cell phone.

Day 334
All smiles! He really looks so grown up with all of those teeth. 

Day 335 (12/1)
C kept shouting 'ball, ball' at all of the ornaments on the tree.  He so desperately wanted to touch them.
C ate french fries...Happy 11 months!

Day 336
Hanging out on the grass with Ayi! He's not into the whole grass thing yet.

...Things to Remember...
- C was on a great sleeping trend, but not so much anymore.  His nights seem to be a bit worse these days, but still manageable.  I'm pretty sure he is teething again as C is drooling a fair bit.  That said, he is napping pretty well and eating loads, so he is still one healthy baby!
- C is standing up for longer periods of time these days.  He also continues to take a couple of steps on his own without falling down.  It is pretty cool to see him in this transition stage.  He's still very much of a crawler, but seems to really want to be a walker.  We'll see when he can get that title! 

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