Sunday, December 1, 2013

c's 11th month

C is 11 months old! This has been quite a month for C as his Apo left town and his Grandma has come over for a nice long visit.  In fact, the timing is so perfect that C will not be without a Grandparent this whole first year! It has been great seeing the relationship develop with his Grandma and it is remarkable how much he loves her in such a short amount of time.  He is really a very blessed little boy with so many people around him that love him so much.

We've decided that C is one spoiled baby with all of the care given to him.  He has company around him all of the time.  Everything he does is awarded some sort of acknowledgment.  He is well fed and gets the most delicious foods made for him by his Ayi (the wonderful helper).  He has access to so many different fruits and has a most balanced and tasty diet.  He is living the life! :)

C continues to charm us all.  This month he started making 'sweet eyes' at people.  He does this by smiling and then squinting his eyes just a bit.  What a flirt! He has also become more verbal this month and loves saying the word 'ball' ALL OF THE TIME.  Everything, and I mean everything is a ball to C.  If it is round it is a ball, if it is circular it is a ball, an orange is a ball, a balloon is a ball, a big belly is a ball, the list goes on.  The funniest thing is being out in public with C and having him get excited at the various balls he sees and then hearing him shout out the word BALL over and over again.  When C wants to go somewhere or wants something to be given to him, he will put his hand up to his head and then point in the direction.  It is cute and not too demanding...yet! C does so many fun kookie things that we just adore.

Highlights for this month include: seeing Grandma again, saying goodbye to Apo, celebrating Loy Krathong, saying his first word "ball," taking tiny steps, and celebrating Thanksgiving!

Happy 11 months C!
So happy!

Getting to take a picture laying down was NOT easy.

Always moving!

Too sweet.

Check out the wispy curls! His hair is getting LONG!

So focused.

Standing & sitting with style.  HA!


Everything is a 'ball' to C!

I love you C!

...Things to Remember...
loves his 2nd walker
tried french fries
sleeping better
uses proper silverware
can kick and throw balls

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  1. What happy and gorgeous shots.

  2. He looks so sweet and like a joy. What a blessing that C gets so much love and care. No doubt it will make him even sweeter and loving. He is such a doll!

  3. What a precious child. It is so awesome that you are documenting his milestones. They grow up far too quickly

  4. Oh my goodness what a great smile.... so adorable


  5. What a sweetheart! Gotta love those eyes!


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