Monday, November 25, 2013

c's 47th week

Our little boy is seriously just growing leaps and bounds.  This week, the big thing has been in the stability C displays while standing.  He will now often let go and just stand there looking so proud of himself for a couple of seconds before falling onto his bum.  As if standing isn't impressive enough on it's own, C has even taken a couple of steps without holding on to anything! It is so amazing to see his lack of fear.  There is so much I can learn from this little baby boy of mine...

A friend of mine lent us a walker and C has been using it this past week.  When he first started using it, he had no control and we had to hold onto the walker to help support him.  C would start off going too fast causing his body to be so angled that he would have face-planting almost immediately.  He seems to have gotten the hang of it and is now able to walk around with it mostly unassisted.  Don't worry as we are still close by should he slip or stumble.  I really think using the walker daily has built up his confidence and am realizing that the day for him to walk unassisted may not be that far off.  Crazy!

With all of his walking, we are trying to get C into shoes, which he isn't really a big fan of (not that I blame him).  So this weekend, we headed to Payless (which just opened up in our city...WOHOO!) and bought him a couple pairs of shoes.  They are pretty cute and still a little tiny bit big, as we figure he is going to continue to grow, grow, grow.  Hopefully he'll start getting used to wearing shoes soon as we can't have him walking around barefoot all of the time.

Day 323 (11/19)
Eating every last bite of papaya!

Day 324 (11/20)

Day 325

Day 326
Playing on the swings.

Day 327
Get me out of here!!

Day 328
New clothes!

Day 329
Walking like a champ!

...Things to Remember...
- C's sleep has been better this week as he's only waking up 2 - 3 times at night and is even sleeping in a bit more.  He is also napping really well most days.
- We've been going out a fair bit and C has done really well with the adjustments to his schedule.  He really enjoys being outside and loves checking everything out.
- C finished off his yummy organic treats from Hong Kong and is now back onto cheerios.  Thankfully we've got a bunch of boxes at home and it looks like the stores are beginning to stock them here now.  YEAH!
- On a personal note, the countdown to the day I'm done pumping is ON! I've already cut back some more and am now only pumping once a day during work.  I love nursing, but absolutely detest pumping as it is such a time suck.  So yay for almost being done! :) 

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  1. Wonderful photos and post. Happy Thanksgiving! (I know what you mean about the kids growing up fast and needing new shoes - almost every month!)

  2. We love a walker with our babies in Thailand. The floors are perfect for rolling with no carpets. The falls are doozies though on those hard surfaces. Looks like C is becoming so mobile. How can he be almost a year?!!

  3. We have a similar walker, although our little guy (8 months) isn't quite ready for that! Looks like he will be walking any day!

  4. Getting ready for Christmas is keeping me very busy. Sorry I'm late in stopping by to say hello. Fun shots!

  5. Great job walking, Baby C! He is so darn cute. Just love getting to watch him grow up!

    ~ Carrie

  6. Adorable! LOVE the Tupperware as well! :P


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