Monday, November 18, 2013

c's 46th week

We just might have the smartest little boy ever and I totally am not biased.  C has said his first word! The little stinker didn't choose to say mama (which should really be every babies first word, right?!?) or dada, but instead said BALL! That's right, his first love are his many TOY balls.  He points to them and says "ba" all of the time.  We finally decided to recognize this as his first word because while at the new mall in town C was constantly pointing to all of the ball shaped ornaments decorating the place and said 'ba, ba, ba'.  So there you have it folks, we've got a "talker."

It is just amazing how much babies are able to process their first year.  C understands a lot of words and has been mimicking sounds for a while now.  He for sure understands his name, although he does choose not to acknowledge it at times.  He also knows lots of English words including: bye-bye, no, kick, ball, book, and car, to name a few.  However, he probably actually knows way more Chinese words including the words for: water, eat, bath, clap, smile, and want.  We need to work on his Thai language skills, but he does at least recognize sawasdee khup (the Thai greeting for hello).  I'm assuming that C actually knows more words, but these are some of the words we use daily at home.

Going back to the balls though, C enjoys playing with these toys a lot.  For a while now, C has been throwing the ball at us and will sit and wait for someone to roll it back to him.  He does a great bounce pass and will put his whole body into it.  C has also learned from his Grandma how to kick the ball.  His dominant foot to kick with is his right foot in case you were wondering.  He likes to hold onto our hands and chase after the balls in order to kick them, especially the big yoga ball.  So will we have a basketball player or a soccer player in the future?!? I'll take either! HA!

With all of this playing, C is getting better and better at walking with assistance.  He used to not seem to enjoy it very much and would often walk on his tiptoes and didn't last for too long.  Now though, he is gaining confidence, can do it for quite a long while, and is planting his feet down more.  Ohh...will we have a walker by before he turns one??

So this week was Loy Krathong, which is one of the most beautiful holidays ever with lots of lovely lanterns being let off into the sky, krathongs being sent down the river, and fireworks galore.  We almost didn't celebrate it this year as we had family photos, which turned out fabulously thanks to our photographer, done and a pretty busy schedule.  Luckily Loy Krathong lasts three days, so we were able to take C out for a wee bit one evening to give him a chance to experience this holiday.  He did really well considering it was around his bedtime when we were out.  He didn't seem to mind the loud fireworks that went off everywhere or the crowds of people thankfully.  He loved just looking around and watching all of the hustle and bustle.  The best part about the evening though was that we were able to set off a lantern as a family.  It almost didn't happen, but with the help of others around us, we were able to get one lit and up into the sky.

Day 316 (11/12)
What a cheese ball! 

Day 317
Getting into his Canadian roots! 
Also C loves to do the pointing thing when he wants something or wants to go somewhere.  
What a demanding little dude...

Day 318
In heaven surrounded by all the balls.  Guess I know what I need to buy him for Christmas!

Day 319
He is seriously just one happy baby.  We are so blessed.

Day 320
We had our family photo-shoot today and I can't wait to show you all those shots!

Day 321
Check out how long his hair is getting! It's beginning to curl a little bit and is quite unruly, but Matt still wants it to grow out, so we'll see what happens.  What an expressive kid, eh?

Day 322
Happy Loy Krathong!
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...Things to Remember...
- C is cute, but it is really exhausting taking his photo daily.  I feel like it is the same thing everyday as we just take shots outside in the driveway, on the porch, in the living room, or in the bath as I don't have the energy to go someplace after I get home from work.  I still enjoy the pictures, but I feel as though they aren't particularly "artistic" of me.  So next year I'll definitely come up with a different plan as daily photos just may not be my thing.  
- C is eating all of the time and is a little porker like his mama! 

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  1. I love that first scrunchy nose picture! So cute! Yay for first words! Ball seems appropriate for a boy! My first son's first word was "Gigi" our dog's name! See who he loved best! LOL!

  2. Love that crinkly nose grin! My daughter used to do that when she was C's age!


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