Monday, November 11, 2013

c's 45th week

The weeks are beginning to just fly by and all I can think about is how every week brings me closer to C's first birthday.  How is it possible that my baby is going to turn one in less than 10 weeks?!? Wow.  I may have to shed a tear or two as I have such mixed emotions about all of this.  I love that he is getting older and able to do more and understand more, but at the same time, I love his innocence and being his whole entire world.  Ahh...the dilemmas we face as parents....

This week, we had to say goodbye to C's Apo, who is off to America for the next two months.  This was hard for all of us as we have relied on Apo a lot during these last 10 months.  I'm glad she is getting time with my younger brother and dad, but selfishly I wish she (and really all of them) would come back already! :) Thankfully there is skype as we've been skyping pretty regularly.  It is really cute to see C's reaction to her voice as he gets super happy and tries to reach for her through the screen.  

Some other highlights this week included C's full day stay at the nursery.  He did great and had a fun time with the other little boys.  C also participated in our school's Harvest Festival by dressing up as Stitch again.  He had fun looking at all the kids in costume and watching all the madness.  C is also  currently in LOVE with motorbikes and every time he sees his daddy's, he will point and make a 'brr, brr' sound.  He loves to sit on it and touch the handles.  Uh oh...what are we going to be in for when he becomes a teenager?!?

Day 309 (11/5)
Who needs toys when you've got a box?!?

I just really love this one.
Apo's last bath for C before having to get to the airport!
Having fun in the truck!
Day 310 (11/6)
A random mix of photos.

Day 311
Hello?!? Can you hear me NOW??
He loves playing with my phone.  A lot.

Day 312
Family fall photo at the Harvest Festival at school.  
I dressed up as a white crayon with a bunch of the elementary school teachers.  We were all pretty cute!

Day 313
Brrrm, brrrm...C loves the motorbike! One of these days we'll have to go on an actual ride.
Also check out the cheesy smile C has in the middle shot.  
This is one of the faces he pulls on a regular basis.  It is so stinkin' cute!

Day 314
C loves digging into the cement on the group.  Such an explorer!

Day 315
Reaching for the buttons on the fan.  Yup, the suitcase couldn't keep him away.

...Things to Remember...
- C's love of bananas has died down this week, which is sad for us as it is such an easy fruit to feed him and to carry around when we are out.  Hopefully after a small hiatus, he'll enjoy it again.  Now he eats a lot of papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, and asian pears.
- C is funny and no longer likes using the plastic silverware we have for him.  Instead, he insists upon using proper silverware to be like the adults at the table.  We do give him smaller spoons and forks, but it must not be plastic or he won't eat it.  What a goof!
- C has begun trying to feed himself with his spoon and fork, so very slowly we are helping him eat his food properly.  It is pretty sweet to see.

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  1. What a sweetie! Love the bath picture. I'm with you on the pulling emotions as the littles get older - so much fun to watch them learn and grow both physically and mentally, but sad to see the baby getting further and further gone.

  2. Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. The first year is so amazing and no one would blame you for shedding a tear over its end. The blessing is that the coming stages have their own wonders! So much to look forward to, and yet I totally understand how you feel!

  4. He's gorgeous, I can see why you want to slow down the days of him growing up. Just going through another 1st year with my newborn and it's amazing- don't want to miss a thing.

  5. That smile!! So much joy :) And boxes always make the best toys!!


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