Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from our family of three!
(This is our Christmas card this year.  Hope YOU got it and if not, send me your address for next year!)

We had ourselves a very merry Christmas and hope that you did too!  We had a slight sleep-in thanks to C's weird sleeping schedule these days, which was a nice start to the day.  Then Matt's mom, Jacquie, came over and we spent the morning opening gifts together.  There were presents galore and we had lots of fun opening them all.  We were all spoiled rotten.  C enjoyed all of the boxes and bags of wrapped presents, but had a difficult time opening them, which is funny as he has no problems tearing up tissue paper.  Don't worry though as I willingly stepped in and helped him open his presents and he loved everything that came his way!

Grandma's amazing gift to C was this awesome play set! 
He's going to be making lots of new friends with this. :) 

Hanging with Grandma and showing off the cool craft made by Daddy & C! 
I may have teared up when I opened this one...

Matt and I got C this swimming pool and filled it with 500 balls! C was in heaven!

Trying to open gifts and loving all of his new clothes!

I joined C in the ball pit!

A family selfie!

After spending time opening presents, we had a quick skype date with my parents and brother in California.  It is tough not being around ALL of our family, but we make the best of it with skype.  Then C went down for his morning nap while we started cleaning up and getting ready to go to our Christmas lunch at the hotel down the street.  

At 11:30, we headed out and met up with dear friends and we all shared a wonderful meal together.  I got my fill of turkey and mash potatoes, TONS of parma ham and cheese, and of course the creme brulee.  We ate lots and lots! At about 2:30, it was finally time to head back home for an afternoon nap for all of us!

Eating like a big boy at our lunch.

3 generations!

Happy family!

Don't mind the creepy lady in the back of our family portrait....

Later in the evening, we were invited to share Christmas dinner with some family members.  It was really lovely to spend time with aunts, uncles, and cousins on this day.  We had another delicious meal and had great fun catching up.  Even though all of our immediate family isn't with us, it sure was nice to spend time with our extended family.  We are so blessed to have awesome relatives!

The evening ended with C finally going to bed and Matt and I watching It's a Wonderful Life.  It really is, isn't it? :) 

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas! Happy First Christmas C! I love those Christmas Jammie's. In fact, I tried to buy them for my 6 year old, but he wouldn't have it. ;).

  2. Oh my he does look very much like his Daddy


  3. Who did the ice sculpture? That's fun!

    Love that family pic in the card at the top. Reminds me of my son's first Christmas card pic, fingers in the mouth and all!


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