Tuesday, December 31, 2013

c's 52nd week

We have made it and have reached the completion of C's first year of life and what an adventure it has been!  How in the world did our baby boy go from an immobile infant to a walking and talking babbling baby in just a year?? It is truly remarkable to look back on this past year and to see where C started at and where he is now.  I am so thankful to have been able to be front and center and see every single change with my own eyes and to experience every single achievement with C.

This last week has been an exciting one with C getting to experience his FIRST Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years! What a fun season this is.  We celebrated things differently this year with C and it was all so much fun.  Having a child around for the holidays does make it all the more fun, that's for sure.  I'm pretty sure C enjoyed all of the festivities as he was up later than normal and might have gotten spoiled rotten this year with all of his amazing gifts.  What can we say...he is one LOVED little boy!

As we are near the end of this first year, I am just in awe of how blessed we've been.  C is a terrific little boy.  He's a smart, easy going, happy kid that enjoys everyone and everything.  He has a slight temper on occasion and doesn't sleep as well as we'd like, but really, we've got nothing to complain about and so much to be thankful for.  As Matt's friends like to say, C is just "one really cool dude!"

This week has flown by with lots of new things going on.  C welcomed back his Grandpa and Apo after their long trip to the US.  He played at home with his new toys a lot.  He now enjoys more than 5 minutes worth of Elmo and actually sits and watches short videos.  If he likes a song, he'll even clap at the end! He's begun to "talk" more, which makes us wonder if he might actually start talking someday soonish.  C does seem to understand more of our questions and can kind of respond with grunts and shaking his head.  He loves eating and now really wants to eat whatever it is we are eating.  I think we'll soon be able to get away from preparing special foods just for him.

Day 358.. (12/24)
Going to an ice-cream shop on Christmas Eve!

Day 359 (12/25)
C's First Christmas! Playing in his new ball pit in his special Christmas jammies.
At our luncheon, C ate tons of cheese, turkey, and pasta!

Day 360 (12/26)
Happy Boxing Day! C cannot get enough of his new toys!

Day 361
Stacking, stacking, stacking....

Day 362
He's moving fast these days...do we already have a runner?

C doing the motions for Sawasdee Khap and looking handsome with his mama!

Day 363 (12/29)
Looking handsome for his first wedding!

Day 364
Hanging with Grandma!

Welcome back Grandpa!
Day 365 (12/31)
This time last year, we were heading to the hospital to welcome C.  
Can't believe that tomorrow will be C's first birthday!

We've made it!

...Things to Remember...
- C tried turkey meat and loved it! He also ate a whole plate of pasta by himself! I am really happy that C seems to like all foods and is willing to give everything a try at least once.
- C was so happy to see his Apo and Grandpa again and they were both thrilled to see C.  It was cool to see him still remember them and go to them easily.  
- On a personal note, I have been able to nurse C for his entire first year of life without any kind of supplement! This is a huge achievement for me and I am so proud of us for making it to this point.  I'm now looking to see what I can do to supplement sometimes as I will be slowly decreasing the amount I nurse C hopefully in this next year.  

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  1. It's amazing how quickly the kids grow up, isn't it? I can hardly believe my grandchildren are in their 20s now!

  2. You are raising an amazing child....a pleasure to watch.

  3. How exciting! You've done a great job documenting his first year! Hopefully, it will be this easy to do with your next one.... :)

  4. he is adorable... happy belated birthday to him! and i read his birth story, too-sweet... don't blink; the time disappears! thank you for visiting my blog last week. happy new year!

  5. Melody,

    C looks great!!! Love seeing the photos of you and Matt and the little one! Hope you all are doing well and I'm sending much love and many happy thoughts your way!



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