Wednesday, January 1, 2014

c's first birthday

The super cool invite Matt made based on something I found on the internet! 
Best husband ever!

We held a big First Birthday Bash for C on his actual birthday, January 1st.  It was such a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter.  We had a bunch of C's friends come to the party as well as some of our extended family.  It was really nice to have so many show up to celebrate our little boy.

C was the star of the show and was definitely spoiled rotten! He partied the whole time and then some. He played with his friends, was doted on by his relatives, and given some spectacular gifts.  Our boy was loved on and we are so thankful.  It was truly a special day.

I am not much of a party planner, so this was quite the undertaking for me.  The first thing I learned is that every party apparently needs a theme and this party was no exception.  I made it easy and went with C's first word and had a BALL themed party.  It made everything easy as we based all the decor around it.  I could have gone crazy trying to make everything related to balls, but luckily for Matt, time slipped away from me and I could only do so much.  However, I must say that what we did get done was for sure a team effort with Matt doing a lot as well as both of our moms helping out.  Working together, we made one fun event that C enjoyed.

Of course, every party needs a cake, and boy was I nervous about this as I don't bake regularly.  Thankfully I had an awesome friend help me out with making 50ish cake pops and my MIL helped me out with the cupcakes.  This said, these ladies made me do the work, so I can actually claim them as my own, which makes me quite proud of myself.  However, I guess I can't take all of the credit, as Betty Crocker did assist with supplying delicious vanilla cake batter and frosting.  HA! 

We really enjoyed ourselves at C's first birthday.  The only thing I'm bummed about is that I didn't think of what sorts of photos I wanted of the day as there were many missed opportunities.  Thankfully I had a thoughtful friend who snapped some fabulous photos from the party and who kindly shared them with me! I guess the beauty of this means that we were all present for the party and enjoyed every minute of it rather than worrying about capturing things on camera.  Next time though, there will be a couple more shots! :) 

Birthday Boy!

Playing outside!

All of C's monthly onesies hanging in a row.  The only one missing is his 12 month one!
Fun presents for C and goody bags for his guests.

A sign I found online for free! Thank you internet!
We also printed up a bunch of his monthly photos to show the guests.

I MADE THESE and people LIKED them!
Yes, this statement deserves the caps as I do not bake.

Team effort in blowing out his first candle!

Hmm...what is this sweet stuff?!?
After tasting the sweets, he wanted more carrot sticks instead!

C liked the cakepops but didn't really get into the cupcake.

C loves ripping tissues, but apparently isn't so keen on wrapping paper.  After the first couple of presents, he was not interested at all, especially since he got some awesome new balls.  Thankfully his friends stepped up to the challenge and helped us open the rest of the gifts! C was gifted with so many terrific toys, super cute clothes and shoes, beautiful books, and even some cash!

The only group shot we took with our mom's and friends.  
We are terrible at not having taken more sad.

C and his friends!

I want to say a BIG thank you to the guests that came.  This party wouldn't have been as much fun without your presence.  Thank you also for all of the wonderful gifts you blessed C with.  We so appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity! 

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  1. So precious! What a great party! I have so enjoyed watching C grow this year. He is adorable. Love your party theme. Such a great word for a boy. Ball is often one of the first words!

  2. What a fabulous first birthday party!


  3. It looks like C's birthday was fabulous!! What an amazing job you did!! I love the banner of onesies and the photos of him in them!!!

  4. Very funny pictures that handsome, happy birthday and thank you for your smiles!


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