Thursday, April 11, 2013

c's 3 months old

C is 3 months old! I say this weekly and monthly, but time is FLYING by! How can my little boy be 3 months old already?!? It is unreal.  One of these days the time thing may not bother me, but for now I'd love it to just slow down so that I can savor my baby just as he is for a little while longer.  Please.

This month has been another big month for C as so many changes are happening daily.  He now currently weighs about 6.4 kgs and is about 62cm tall.  C is way more aware of things these days.  He is tracking people, focusing on things, playing with his toys, and seems to enjoy the TV a fair bit.  C is more active and actually stays awake for longer periods now.  This means that we have more time to interact and play with him.  C is becoming more vocal and is cooing all of the time.  C has also started to enjoy his car-seat more and tends to fall asleep while sitting in it, which is quite nice! He also continues to display a crazy array of facial expressions that just cracks us up all the time.

Happy 3 months C!

My serious and handsome boy...

Adorable profile

Dancing machine!

Tucking in his thumbs and his cute!

Check out those guns!

Don't make me hit you!! 

Happy baby!

My reddish haired, blue eyed wonder they think I'm the nanny!

Finally a smile for mama!

...Things to Remember...
more talkative
super expressive face
wakes up once a night
does a 90 degree change in his sleep

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  1. The happy baby picture is absolutely adorable.



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