Tuesday, April 2, 2013

c's 13th week

This was another week of firsts for C.  The week started out with C's first Easter party at our playgroup and ended with C turning 3 months old! We had a good week with a couple of Easter celebrations and a couple of trips around town.  We also spent some nice down time inside in order to get out of the nasty haze that has settled around the city.

C continues to change everyday.  These days, he is becoming way more aware of his surroundings.  He has gotten better at tracking people and sounds (although there are still times I worry about his ability to hear...crazy, I know).  C also is loving our TV (don't know where he gets that from!) as he will turn his head towards it whenever it is on.  He continues to play with his Mr. Giraffe toy and I've even thrown in a couple of fun cloth blocks for C to hit around, which he seems to like.

Things are getting hot these days as the hot season is definitely upon us.  C has spent more time in just his diaper now that it is so hot and I think he rather enjoys it! Thankfully he hasn't had a heat rash of any sort, as we do try to monitor him and make sure he doesn't over heat.  With the heat hitting us full force, we are hoping to get C into the pool sometime in April, so definitely be on the lookout for some cute baby swimwear!

Day 85 (3/26)
Looking too cool for school in some sunnies he got from his Easter gift bag!

Day 86
Milk...it does a body good!

Day 87
Naked time!

Day 88
Do you think these eyes will stay blue?!? I do!

Day 89
Searching for his Easter egg!

Day 90
We I love our weekly photos.

Day 91 (4/1)
C is three months old!

He's getting so tall!

...Things to Remember...
- C celebrated Easter this year by participating in two Easter egg hunts.  He also went to church for the first time on Easter Sunday.
- C now plays with a couple of cloth blocks that have bells in them in his pack and play.  I love that he is able to enjoy some of his toys a bit more now.  Can't wait to play with more of them with him.
- We are trying to do tummy time daily with C and he is NOT a fan.  He still hasn't gotten the hang of using his arms to prop himself up in order to lift his head up.  We'll just keep practicing until he gets it!
- I've been really tired this week, so I tried to not plan too many things in order to give my body a break.  It kind of worked... 

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  1. Aww I love those milk drunk expressions!

  2. I really like the second to last shot.

    It is getting hot here too after a rather unusual cool spell here. I was thankful for the reprieve as we will be hot soon enough!

  3. He is adorable!! Great photos :)

  4. Oh I love that hair- way too adorable!


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