Monday, March 18, 2013

c's 11th week

This past week was a super busy week for C & I.  We had outings every single day! I wanted to be intentional about getting out and about, but I think we may have over done it a bit.  :) That said, it was a fun week and it was nice to do things outside of the house and with other adults.  C was a trooper through it all and barely fussed at all.  

In case you were interested, here is what we did.  On Tuesday, we went to a different playgroup with slightly younger children.  C still slept through most of it, but did wake up at the end for a while.  On Wednesday, we headed to school and met all of my old students and a bunch of colleagues.  On Thursday, we went out to dinner with some friends.  C hung out in his stroller for most of it, which was awesome! On Friday, all three of us went to a birthday dinner and C was able to meet a friend who is about 2 weeks younger than he is.  Yay for buddies! On Saturday, we ran a bunch of errands around town for the house that we are trying to get built.  On Sunday Matt & I were able to go out to dinner alone....without C for the first time! We didn't go super far and didn't stay out long, but we did it! On Monday my mom and I ran errands with C and even went and got manicures & pedicures! What a week! :)

Since we had so many outings, a lot of C's pictures this week have been in his car seat.  I do love taking C's photo, but let me just be honest and tell you that it is getting harder and harder taking a picture of C every. single. day.  At this age, C isn't doing a whole lot, so I do feel as though the pictures are getting repetitive.  However, I promised myself to try to capture him every day for this first year, so I'll just keep plugging away.  

Day 71 (3/12)
Enough photos mom!

Day 72
Daddy's little man!

Day 73
Holding on tight to his pacifier & look at those adorable toes!

Day 74
He smiles!

Day 75
Blowing bubbles and giggling!

Day 76
OMG! Does it make me a bad mother for taking these pictures, posting them, 
and laughing every time I see them?!? :)

Day 77
Chillin' in the pack & play with Mr. Giraffe while wearing green on St. Patrick's Day!

He is getting so big! 

...Things to Remember...
- C is falling asleep in his car seat whenever we go on a drive these days.  It is AWESOME!
- C is able to interact with Mr. Giraffe.  He is able to stay occupied for quite some time just playing, talking, and giggling to this wonderful toy.
- C is becoming more and more alert and is quite observant....always looking around.
- So C's schedule is still shifting these days.  He gets up fairly late in the mornings (first at 7 for a feed and then around 9:30am) and is now sleeping later (closer to 10pm).  He is also only getting up once in the night now, which I'm super thankful about.  C hasn't been napping a whole lot during the day.  Some days only an hour and other days more.  Hopefully his sleep/nap/wake times will become more routine soon. 

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  1. WoW...he has grown and looks so bright...glad you are able to get out with C and meet others with babies..i did that alot, when Dave was working midnights, i would go and visit friends with was a great social event...The pictures are missing winter gear!!!!!!!love the whitmans

  2. He is so cute, and so expressive. I love the bubble face! The ones below are so funny. They will be good to bring out when he grows up for a chuckle!


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