Tuesday, March 19, 2013

crazy storm

**Oops! This post has been archived for a long time as I forgot to post it and since I wrote it and have had it ready to go, I'll just post it now! :) Better late than never, right??**

On the same night of the Yee Peng Festival, there was a crazy storm that hit town.  There was rain, wind, lightning, thunder, and even hail.  The storm caused all sorts of damage including power outages, telephone poles and trees getting knocked down, and there was debris everywhere.

Our area of town got hit pretty hard by the storm.  We were without electricity for about 24 hours.  The road leading to our house was closed off due to trees, telephone poles, and wires blocking the road preventing vehicles access.  It was pretty insane.

In the morning, we went to check out the damage and these are some of the images I caught.

The road was completely covered with broken trees and telephone poles.  
This is the route we take to work every day.

Snapped in half.

Massive tree on the road.  So sad!

The size of the man compared to the tree.

Wires were everywhere!

Close up.

The statue remained intact.

The tree broke through the temple wall.



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  1. How sad to see the destruction in the wake of the storm.

  2. Poor trees, centuries growth and a storm.

  3. Oh, my! That poor tree and poor things below it!

  4. Wow! That is quite a storm. Hate to see old trees destroyed.

  5. that was a bad storm, hope all is well now. We also are having
    big wind storms, seems like the weather is changing all around the world.


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