Tuesday, March 26, 2013

c's 12th week

The weeks are moving along quickly and here we are finishing C's 12th week of life!  C & I are still working on balancing our time and are working on slowing down a bit.  That said, we were gone from 9am to 10pm one day this week and were only home for 3 hours in between.  CRAZY! I was toast the next day, so I'm definitely recognizing the need to not over do things.

C's schedule is slowly looking up.  He is currently sleeping at about 8:30 pm and waking up once in the night and then sleeping in until about 7am.  During the day though, we are all over the place.  Some days he naps a ton and other days he barely sleeps a wink.  This is definitely an area we need to work on and adjust as it is so inconsistent.  I've been reading and have a game plan that I'm going to try out next week and I'll let you know how it works.  Whatever the case may be though, he's usually pretty happy throughout the day, so I've really got nothing to complain about at all.

On some fun news to share, the big thing that happened this week was that Matt & I went out to dinner...alone...without C! We didn't go very far from home or go out for very long, but we did get out and had some time to just be together.  It was really nice.  I simply breastfed C and then his Apo (Grandma) took him while we were out.  And we didn't spend the whole time talking about him either or worrying about leaving him at home!

Day 78 (3/19)
C was my date to a ladies night event! He was such a charmer and was the perfect gentleman! :) 

Day 79
Having some tummy time with his buddy Dylan.  
Neither of them were too happy about the tummy time though.  

Day 80
C smiles up a storm when we throw a blanket on him and pull it off quickly.  It's fun!

Day 81
Chillin' with Mr. Giraffe, his pal!

Day 82
Getting some love from his beautiful Aunt Katherine.

Day 83
Just sitting on an elephant.  Some day soon we'll get on a real one hopefully!

Day 84
C absolutely LOVES his bath time.  Here he is just relaxing in his tub.

Love the second picture as C has a look of absolute HORROR! HA!

...Things to Remember...
- C is taking his pacifier more and more these days! Yay! I'm trying to offer it instead of just rushing to nurse him every time he cries as there are times I do worry about over feeding the little guy.
- C loves his Mr. Giraffe toy that hangs above his pack and play.  C is really aware of the toy and plays with it a lot.  He talks to Mr. Giraffe, hits his legs, and has even begun to try to grab onto the legs! It is neat to see how he is able to interact with his toy more every day.   
- Umm, so I think that C may be camera shy.  I swear...every time I'm trying to take a picture of him smiling, he stops.  I have to snap WAY too many before I can get a decent shot.  Also don't even get me started on the video camera as this boy does NOT perform for it at all....sooo not his mama's son! :)

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  1. Such beautiful photos! What a blessing he is, and so adorable!~ Enjoy every moment :)

  2. i look at these pictures every time I am feeling lonely for you all and I so enjoy them.....they make me miss you all but somehow feel closer to you so it is all good,Christoper is such an adorable boy love nanny xoxoxox

  3. Such a little cutie! Babies are so much fun! I miss those days.

  4. Aww, he looks so adorable in his bow tie!


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