Tuesday, March 12, 2013

c's 10th week

Week 10 is down and we are slowly getting back into the rhythm of things.  Jet lag hit us hard this week and our routine/schedule has been all over the place.  The only consistent thing has been that C has woken up at about 4am. every. single. morning.  I was able to survive the early mornings for a few days, but it was getting harder and harder to deal with.  Thanks to a friends recommendation, I had a small amount of coffee in the early afternoon on Saturday causing C to stay awake for a longer period.  Due to that, he was able to sleep later and now has been waking up at around 5am.  Yay! Hopefully this next week will be even better with C waking up even later.  Fingers crossed!

This has mostly been another lazy week for us.  For most of the week, we've stayed home and have again just been trying to get over the jet lag.  However, we did get out a few times too, which was really nice for me.  One day we went to the doctor's for C's two month check up followed by a visit with some relatives.  C did a great job and barely cried when he got his shots.  On another day C and I made it to our very first playgroup.  C was the youngest by a couple of years and slept the entire time.  However, at this point, playgroup is mostly for me to socialize with other moms...so I enjoyed it! Then on the weekend we went out and ran a bunch of errands.  This was fine except for the explosive poop C had while out, which made a huge mess (thankfully only on him) and took some time to clean up.

I have been getting a bit stir crazy and have enjoyed doing a few things here and there.  That said, sometimes leaving the house can be so difficult that it is almost not worth it...almost! One thing that gets me is that as soon as we are ready to go, C will suddenly need to be fed as he's crying from hunger which then leads to C needing a diaper change.  If I'm just running an errand, it's no big deal, but if I have to be somewhere at a specific time, then this isn't too helpful.  Another thing that gets to me is nursing C in public.  I am getting better at it, but sometimes it can just be a pain because I feel as though I may be making someone uncomfortable or C is grabbing hold of the nursing cover making it difficult to cover me in all the right places! HA! Also it is just ridiculous the stuff I have to have for an outing with C.  There's the diaper bag that gets so full and heavy with things that we may need while out, then there is the car seat that is SO heavy, and let's not forget the stroller just in case.  Needless to say, it is a wonder I get out of the house at all!

Day 64 (3/5)
Adorable profile! All of the Thai people we meet just LOVE his nose & his super cool hair!

Day 65 (3/6)
Watch out! We've got a thumb sucker on our hands!

Day 66
Apparently he didn't enjoy sitting up on the sofa...what a face!

Day 67

Day 68
Check out those lips! Those chins! :) 

Day 69
Naked baby with some chunky thighs!

Day 70
Smiling with his Apo!

It is getting HOT!

...Things to Remember...
- C has been having 2 major (and by major I mean NASTY) poops daily, besides from his regular small ones.  He is seriously a pooping machine!
- C has found his thumb this week and has been sucking on it regularly.  We keep trying to get him hooked onto his pacifier, but so far his thumb seems to be winning.  
- C has begun to cry when we change him, which makes me feel terrible.  I think the necks on his onesies are occasionally kind of small making it uncomfortable when going over his head.  Poor baby!
- On a me note, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!! WOHOO!! That said, I still totally have a pouch on my belly, so I guess it is time to start doing something about that.  I am happy to be back in my normal clothes, although they aren't fitting me perfectly yet.  I'm hoping my body (belly and hips) will continue to change and get a bit smaller and back to normal at time progresses so that I don't have to go out and buy brand new clothes.

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  1. Adorable. That 'day 66' face is poster worthy! Hope you're getting some rest...nap when he does if you can. My baby is almost 23 so I'm living vicariously through you. Wish I could enjoy some cuddles :o)

  2. He is adorable.Have a great day!


  3. Sounds like you are getting in to a nice routine. Baby C sure is sweet!

  4. so by your 3rd kid, you will totally be ovee the "i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable when i nurse in public" feeling... obviously stay covered and don't just whip it out! but really, you'll eventually not care about everyone else as much! :)

  5. Congratulations on the weight....baby nursing sure helps...I find nursing makes baby's poop much more mushier and messy...If only grown ups could poop like that. hahaha..I see a big change in his looks, he is so bright and cute..and one picture was like looking at Matt when he was a baby..
    Take care...love Aunt Sandra

  6. I LOVE the photo you used for the thumbnail. Ha! It was really great getting to meet you and C, and really, I don't think you need to worry about B/Fing in public. It's normal and natural, and I think most people don't even notice or look. Do you have a small carrier/napper thing you can use for C to hang out in while you're out and about? That might be easier to manage than the stroller...Oh, the fun I have to look forward to! ;)

  7. Hi. Very cute baby. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  8. That Day 66 photo is hilarious and I love the cool hair :) Yeah, getting out the door is a huge accomplishment!

  9. Day 66? Totally cracking me up! It's hilarious.

  10. Aww he is adorable. Congratulations on making the 10th week. It definitely gets a lot easier from here!


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