Tuesday, March 5, 2013

c's 2 months old

C is two months old, which just seems absurd to me! How did our little boy get so big all of a sudden?? It continues to blow me away seeing just how fast he is growing and changing.  This month he has filled out even more and has continued to gain weight (5.7kg) and has grown taller (59.6cm).  He has become more vocal, is moving about more, and is more aware of his surroundings.

This was a big month as C took his first major impromtu trip and went to Canada to visit his Grandpa David and Grandma Jacquie.  During this visit, he was also able to visit with Grandpa Richard as well as meet many other relatives and have lots of cuddles with everyone.  C was able to experience snow for the first time ever during this trip as well as go on a whole lot of flights - 8 to be exact! We are so thankful to have been able to make it back to Matt's home for such a lengthy visit as it was a wonderful, albeit bittersweet trip.

Happy 2 Months C!

So serious

Big yawn...

Happy baby!


Crazy eyes!


We love you C!

...Things to Remember...
has a US passport
went on his first international flight
is a finger & fist sucker
can be quite serious
loves bath time

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  1. That little boy is clearly so loved!!! I am so glad you and Matt have him to love and hug and play with...it's fun, huh?

  2. Hi Melody! Thanks for linking up! I have to just stop and recognize your living in Thailand! I spent 8 years in Bangkok, and had all 3 of my kids there! So glad to have a fellow farang link up! Your little guy is so sweet. Love these images.

  3. Melody, he is adorable! The big yawn is very precious. I wish we would of done this with our little man (grandson) with the numbered t-shirts when he was a baby.

  4. Hi Melody,
    Thank you for sharing a beautiful of little C with us. It's so grateful. I'm glad to hear you back safely. I can't believe it, time goes so fast and now little C is 2 months old already.....Wow!!!! Hope you guys are doing well. And again we love to see/enjoy little C's pictures so much, thank you.

  5. Absolutely adorable! They do grow fast! My first born is already 8! sigh...

  6. What a precious face!!! Learning to concentrate quite early!!!


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