Monday, March 4, 2013

extras from canada

We are now back home in Thailand and a wee bit exhausted from our long trip home.  Thankfully we've had the weekend to get ourselves adjusted to the time change and have been working hard on dealing with the jet lag.  I think we are all a bit off our schedules and are slowly getting back into the rhythm of things here.  Hopefully the 4 am wake ups will end soon though!

So our trip home was uneventful and lasted only 31 hours this time instead of the 80 hours it took us before.  We started off our day of travel by waking up at 3am.  We flew out of Halifax and 2 and a half hours later, landed in Toronto easily and without any delays.  Luckily the snow didn't cause our any of our flights to be delayed or canceled this time round! After waiting a couple of hours, we left Toronto for Korea.  During the 13 hours of this leg, we were able to each get some sleep, with me getting more because I'm an easy sleeper on planes.  When we landed in Korea, we had to hang around a few hours before getting onto our next flight.  By this point, we were both exhausted.  Matt was kind enough to let me get a nap in on some chairs in the airport as I was barely able to keep my eyes open.  Once we got on the our flight to Chiang Mai, we both passed out for a few more hours before finally arriving safely at home.  

Throughout all of our flights, C was the perfect flyer.  He basically slept the entire time and only woke up to nurse (my job) or get a diaper change (Matt's job).  Thankfully he slept really well in the bassinet the airline provided us with, so we didn't have to hold him the entire time.  During the small periods of time when C was awake, he was mostly calm and quiet and barely fussy at all.  

This trip has been great as it has made us aware that we are totally able to travel with C.  I know that as he grows, we will probably have different struggles with flying.  However, for the time being, flying with C is totally doable.  Yay!

So since I took so many photos while in Canada, here are a few more of just us for you all to enjoy.

Happy Family!


At the beach and in front of the river.

I stood on the frozen lake!

Like father, like son!

Yay for snow!

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  1. Welcome back!! Glad your flight back went smoothly! Hope you all get some much needed rest and fall back into routine soon.

  2. Great pictures..i think you could be a winter girl!!!!or maybe time, you will have to try skating, tobagaing, or making snow angels....glad all went well on your way home..I heard grandma was excited to see C....and you and Matt two, of Sandra


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