Friday, November 1, 2013

c's 10th month

C is 10 months old! This has been a big month for C as he just has continued to grow and develop and change so much.  When do things slow down?? Since we haven't been to the hospital with C this month (YAY!!), I don't have exact measurements for C.  I did attempt to measure him though, so I think he is around ..kgs and tall.  He also now has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom!

The big news this month has been C's eating and his transition from pureed foods to regular foods.  It was such an easy transition that I really don't understand why I kept putting it off.  Oh well, you live and you learn.  Whatever the case, C is loving this change and is eating like a champ.  He eats so much sometimes that we have to actually stop him for fear that he may be over eating and not realizing that his little tummy can't handle any more food.  So in this regards, C is 100% like his mama.  I love eating too and have been eatings lots the point where Matt may be concerned for me and my health once I stop nursing.  :) 

I feel as though there are so many ordinary things that C does that I can't possibly write them all down and really, who else cares about all of these details? For example, C loves to book it to the bathroom if the door is left open.  He likes to go into the bedroom and play with his shoes and with Matt's textbooks.  C likes to pull open the drawers on his dresser and pull out all of the little wash clothes which he then drags around the room.  If one of his toys gets stuck underneath something, C will lay down on the ground to try to reach for it.  This is actually super cute to see in person.  When C feeds himself, he will double fist it and use his left and right hand.  He can use his pointer finger and thumb to get his food, but will usually just grab it in his fists and then shove his whole fist into his mouth.  It can get pretty messy, but I'm learning to appreciate the mess.  When he wakes up in the night and is super exhausted, he doesn't seem to be able to keep his head up so he often will face-plant into the bed...multiple times.  It is hilarious!

Highlights for this month include: starting on cheerios, celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, getting a massive bruise on his forehead...the first of many I've been told, no longer eating pureed foods, seeing elephants and tigers in person, and celebrating Halloween!

Happy 10 months C!


 So ready to just get up and walk...or so we think.

Tears of sadness to smiles of joy...C gives it all!

Say WHAT?!? So perplexed....

He really doesn't like laying on his back to pose anymore.  Just 2 months to go!

Check out all of those teeth!

Taking a knee, raising the roof, and rapping.  We've got one hip kid!

I love you C!

...Things to Remember...
transitioned to regular food
loves playing with bouncy balls
saw elephants in person
has 8 teeth now
can make monkey sounds

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  1. aww, your little one is sooo cute!

    adorable series of photos.

    visiting via photo story friday

  2. oops, i meant to story friday!

    i hate when that happens.

  3. Adorable pics and your descriptions crack me up! I think you're right, he IS ready to walk. I can tell he has really good balance the way he's sitting in some of those shots. It won't be long now!

    Definitely write down all the cute stuff he does. In the future you'll never wish you had written LESS! And a lot of us fellow mommies enjoy it.

    ~ Carrie

  4. Your baby is a cutie! I loved the crying picture in his 10 month shirt. How cute is that? So sweet : ).

  5. The perplexed face is just awesome.



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