Monday, October 7, 2013

c's 40th week

It is October and C is 9 months old! The weeks are seriously just flying by and before we know it, C will be one years old.  AHH! I'm so not ready for my baby to be a year old, so I'm thinking of boycotting all birthdays and C can just stay 9 months old forever.  Sound reasonable, right? :) Also if I boycott birthdays, I won't have to start thinking about how we are going to celebrate his first birthday as there are some mama's I'm friends with that have set the bar way too high.  Yikes! Oh well...I'm getting ahead of myself and shouldn't worry about C turning one as we still have some time to go thankfully.

This is probably the first week since our trip to the hospital that C seems to be back to normal and is one hundred percent again.  The biggest sign for us has been how his appetite is back and he is able to eat lots and lots again.  It is so nice to see him wanting food, enjoying food, and gaining some of the weight he's lost.  Also his sleeping is getting a wee bit better and instead of waking every 1.5 - 2 hours in the night, it is more like every 3 hours.  So yes, still a work in progress for us.

Since C's appetite is back, things have picked up and we are now off of pureed foods and onto chunkier foods.  Wohoo! The transition wasn't nearly as difficult as I had envisioned in my head and things are going super well.  C loves to chew, so he is enjoying the new foods.  He's been eating all of the same fruits and vegetables as before, just no longer in pureed form.  This has made our lives so much easier as instead of making big batches of foods every few weeks, we are able to just make stuff every few days now.  We are still making C's food separate in order to keep the salt down, but I think we will try to start giving him foods off of our plate sometime soon so that he can be introduced to more flavorful foods.

Day 274 (10/1)
C started on cheerios today and is a total fan!

Day 275
He is Asian and can do the Asian squat!

Day 276
Playing with his ever toy car.  He's still figuring it out...

Day 277
Hanging out in the 'pakama' with Ayi and being fed a banana.  Someone is living large!

Day 278
Just hanging outside on the concrete.

An outtake from our weekly photo shoot that I just adore.  
Can you see the resemblance yet?? :) 
Day 279

Also check out his big boy outfit! So adorable!

Day 280
C enjoyed pulling at the grass outside and wanted to try it.  Luckily mama stopped him in time.

We should have taken a family photo as we all coordinated without being too matchy matchy.  
Oh well.

...Things to Remember...
- Baby clothes sizing is seriously all off.  C is wearing clothes that are sized anywhere from 6 - 12 month old.  I wish things were consistent as some outfits barely get worn before C outgrows them.  That said, I'm absolutely loving the shirt and shorts combos as it sure does make C look like a big boy.  He totally doesn't need any more clothes, but a girl can always keep on looking right? 
- Also guess who now likes cheerios?? That's right, I actually shared some of my beloved cheerios with C and he likes crunching on them.  He hasn't worked out how to get the cheerios into his mouth on his own, but as soon as we pop one in for him, he happily chomps away.  Now I've got to try to get even MORE people to bring me back cheerios.  Uh oh...

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  1. I know what you mean about sizing! With one company it can be spot on and another it is a total miss!

  2. also with you on the sizings. crazy town!
    the asian squat- dying of laughter- he is adorable.
    love the baby wearing shot too. he looks so content cuddled up.
    x ashley

  3. Your little man is so gorgeous! I love that photo of you and him with the big smiles on both your faces. I know what you mean about wanting him to stay 9 months old forever...I feel the same about my 1 month old boy. I don't want him to grow up too fast.

    PS: I am hosting an Aden and Anais skincare giveaway at my blog today, hope you enter!


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