Monday, September 23, 2013

c's 38th week

This has been quite the week for C as his cold from last week totally became worse.  So what we thought would be a quick trip to the hospital for some cough medication became a 5 day stay at the hospital after having a chest x-ray and learning that C actually had RSV and pneumonia.  So sad.

These 5 days at the hospital were tough on all of us.  First of all, poor C had to deal with IVs put on both hands, lots of medication, and some not so lovely oxygen treatments.  Both Matt and I naturally wanted to be at the hospital with C, so there was the matter of each of us taking sick days so that at least one of us could be with C at all times.  Then there was the whole sleeping at the hospital thing, which isn't so comfortable.  Also we had to work hard on keeping C happy as he wasn't allowed to crawl on the floor much as hospitals just aren't that clean.  This meant letting C climb all over us/the beds/the sofa, carrying C and holding on to him, and of course lots and lots of walks up and down the halls.

What helped a lot was having Apo around as she was great about giving us breaks.  This made it all way more easier to handle as we were able to leave for showers and take some time for ourselves.  Also thankfully C was a trooper the whole time.  He made friends with all of the nurses on the floor and was well known by everyone.  There were definitely lots of tears at the beginning, but by the end, even the tears were less as C became accustomed to it all of the poking, prodding, and treatments he had to undergo.

I have to say that this time in the hospital was hard on this mama's heart.  I think the hardest part for me was the knowledge that what I thought was a cold was actually something significantly worse.  I felt so terrible about not getting to the hospital sooner and have found myself wondering about various "what if scenarios" that potentially could have changed this whole situation.  I know that I can't beat myself up, but it is hard to see your baby suffer.

Day 260 (9/17)
Playing with!

Day 261 (9/18)
C's first time getting the oxygen treatment on his first day at the hospital.  
It was not a good day and quite the traumatic experience.

Day 262
C became better and better at handling the oxygen treatments.  
We kept him entertained on the big bed that was in our room and let him crawl all over it.

Day 263
 Look at those crazy ready to be out of the hospital.
Since we wouldn't let him crawl on the floor, poor C didn't have a whole lot of freedom.

Day 264
They had to switch hands for his IV and C did great, thus earning himself a cool sticker!

Day 265 (9/22)
C charmed everyone on our floor.  The nurses loved taking him and taking photos with him.
I'm thinking about charging next time...any thoughts?? :)

Day 266
Finally out of the hospital and loving it! 

...Things to Remember...
- C didn't eat a whole lot this week and lost some weight I think.  He thankfully kept drinking water and nursed a fair bit, so the doctor wasn't too worried.
- Hospital stays are exhausting.  Enough said.
- We brought so much stuff with us to the hospital it was kind of ridiculous.  We brought C's pack and play, tons of clothes/burp clothes/blankets, toys and books, and of course all of the stuff for us.  It seriously looked like we were moving in.  How do people pack light when they have kids as I for sure need some tips! 

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  1. He is an angel bug through and through! Hope he feels much better very soon!

  2. Oh my what a time you have had of it. Glad he is on the mend now


  3. Awwww.... so hard to see your baby all sick. :-( So glad to hear you all are doing better!

    -Amber Mooney
    P.S. Tip for traveling with kids... invest in a minivan and a gigantic purse that can double as a diaper bag. ;-) lol.

  4. Glad he's on the mend. That must have been scary!

  5. Hang in there it is never easy seeing your baby sick!

  6. Bless his heart! And yours! Glad he was able to get great care.

  7. Oh, how scary and upsetting for all of you. Glad to see he's on the mend. Belinda x


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