Monday, September 30, 2013

c's 39th week

This has been a much better week than last week, but we are definitely still not one hundred percent healthy.  In fact, poor C left the hospital and then ended up first vomiting about 8 times over the course of a day sending us back to the hospital to make sure he wasn't getting too dehydrated.  Then next up he had a case of diarrhea, which has sent us to the store as there aren't enough diapers for this kid! We took him back to the hospital again and the doc gave us some electrolytes to try.  Thankfully after a few days of this extra sickness, C has started to become perkier and now seems to be on the mend.

So all of these hospital visits and scares of dehydration has meant that I have been nursing C nonstop.  C drinks water well from a sippy cup thankfully, but he's begun to not take his milk bottles all that well.  What this means is that I've had to really step it up and am back to nursing C every hour and a half to two hours in order to keep him hydrated.  I'm happy to do this for C as it hopefully will keep him nourished, but I have to tell you that it is exhausting! He has also been very needy lately and seems to take the most comfort in mama's arms, which is sweet...but again, these arms are getting weary.  This new nursing schedule is most difficult in the night, as C has been maintaining the hour and a half to two hour feeding schedule throughout the night making interrupted sleep the new norm in our house.  We are still trying to put him in his crib, but I have to be honest...there have been nights when I've fallen asleep while nursing and C has ended up back in our bed.  So needless to say, I'm ready for things to become a bit more balanced soon as I'm pretty sure that I'm running out of all of my reserve energy.

All of this said, C is still in pretty great spirits these days.  He continues to be a super social kid and loves to be around all people.  He smiles easily and is very talkative and expressive.  C is still energetic and adventurous and is eager to explore everything.

Day 267 (9/24)
Relaxing at home.

Day 268
I just love these! 

Day 269
We are loving being able to sit outside again! Yes, he is totally handsome like his daddy! :) 

Day 270
Look at those furrowed brows.  

Day 271
Someone hid his ball in his shirt.  Ha!

Day 272
An outtake from our weekly shot.  Yes, he is holding a container of cheerios!

Day 273
Bad mama forgot to cut his nails again.  He rubs his eyes when he's tired and then nicks himself.  Sad.


...Things to Remember...
- C has begun to start biting.  It is  Thankfully he hasn't bitten anyone other than his Apo, Matt, and I.  I'm hoping this is a teething issue and will soon be out of his system as I am definitely NOT okay with it.
- C has also begun to scream and cry a whole lot quicker lately.  If he doesn't like something, he'll get upset.  If he wants something, he'll get upset.  This seems to happen when he is tired and could be the result of getting everything and being held consistently while at the hospital.  Who knows.  All I know is that I don't want him to develop a temper and go back to his easy going self.  Fingers crossed!
- On a positive note, C says "mamamamama" a lot now.  I don't know if we can count it as his first word yet, as he doesn't just say it to me.  Whatever the case may be, I still like it and am trying to get him to make the connection.  Exciting stuff! :) 

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  1. Wow, he seems to have changed a lot recently--suddenly looking so much older! Such a cutie pie!

  2. So sorry about his sickness, but he certainly is cute despite it all.

  3. So sort to hear he's sick! Hope he feels well soon!

  4. Goodness! He has had a time lately! I hope all of this is behind you soon. It's tough to have a sick child for such a lengthy time. Hope he feels better, and that routine is restored.

  5. Hooping that is allriht now, so cuties fotos of your dear melody!

  6. Adorable guy! So fun when they start saying mama! (I will never forget one walk with a little voice singing out of the stroller mamamama for 30 minutes - sigh - loved it!) Hope all is well, take care of yourself, too :)


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