Monday, September 16, 2013

c's 37th week

I've figured out that what makes a good week these days completely has to do with how C has slept during the week.  If he has been sleeping, then life is good.  If his sleep has been terrible, then life is a whole lot harder to handle.  This week has been a GOOD week people.  C has been napping a lot more and has not been waking up nearly as often in the night.  He even has slept through the night a couple of times.  WOHOO! It is pretty crazy how exciting a night of uninterrupted sleep is to me these days, but I feel like a whole new woman when it happens. 

So C does a bunch of cute things these days.  He babbles all of the time now.  He uses all sorts of different sounds, volumes, and even different expressions.  He also is a pretty loud talker and definitely will need to learn about volume control some day.  When C nurses, he will often cross his ankles and assumes the most relaxed position.  I think it is super adorable.  It is pretty neat how C seems to be able to differentiate between adults and children.  He loves all people, but definitely gets super excited when he sees kids, which makes me sad that he's no longer able to go to playgroup as I'm pretty sure he would love it.

C had a stuffy nose/cold last week, which seemed to get better at the beginning of the week, so we stopped his meds.  Sadly it seems to have come back full force these last few days.  He is so pitiful when he coughs as his whole body shakes.  Also his nasty runny nose is so horrible to clean and seriously just drips all of the time.  He HATES getting it suctioned and wiped, but it's gotta be done. 

Day 253 (9/10)
C still loves his bath time and really likes his cool bucket toys!

Day 254 (9/11)
Getting into Apo's kitchen drawers! Oh no!

Day 255
Gotta brush that hair!

Day 256
Get me out of here mama!

Day 257
Slacker mom getting another diaper shot this week....but look at that belly!

Day 258
What a handsome dude except for where he scratched his eye...
...bad mama for not cutting his nails fast enough.

Day 259 (9/16)
Trying out a piece of watermelon for the first time.  He wasn't such a fan.

Wearing his Halloween costume a wee bit early!

...Things to Remember...
- This past weekend we spent 3 hours cooking food for C.  This will hopefully last him for about 2 weeks.  After this batch, I'm really going to start transitioning to less pureed foods.  Help keep me on track as C is so ready to chew on foods.  I'm just not ready for the mess and the new stage, but it's not about me, right? 
- On a personal note, can I just tell you how much I do not like pumping? UGH! I currently pump 2 - 3 times a day and am also nursing about 4 - 5 times.  All of this takes SO MUCH TIME.  I seriously feel like a milk machine some days.  I'm still holding out and going to try to make it till C is 1 years old, but there are definitely days when I wonder whether or not getting to a year is really going to make such a difference for him.

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  1. what a cutie! looks like he is so sweet while keeping you on your toes. xo

  2. So glad the little cutie has been letting you sleep a bit more! I hope it continues!


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