Monday, October 21, 2013

c's 42nd week

This has been such a great week! C is such a goober and I just love him so.  He is so kooky and funny.  He is independent, easy going, and happy.  He might also have a slight temper when he is impatient.  Uh oh!

C still talks lots and has also been loving blowing his lips together making a motor sound.  I'm pretty sure he has been doing this because of discomfort in his mouth as his seventh tooth has cut through this week! C also has a few party tricks that we love to get him to do.  He can clap, sawasdee (Thai greeting), and wave bye-bye on command....unless he doesn't feel like it.  HA! We love getting him to do these things as he is just too adorable when he does.  Luckily he likes doing all of these on his own too, so don't feel too bad for him.  

This week C has tried out a lot of new foods as we continue to move towards feeding C our food instead of having to make his meals separate.  He ate pieces of a grilled cheese sandwich, enjoyed gouda and cheddar cheese, tried some salmon, munched on breadsticks, and had yogurt.  He liked it all except for the yogurt.  We'll keep trying with the yogurt as it sure would be an easy thing to serve him when he is hungry.  As we venture away from his softer foods, it appears as though C really likes the newer textures and also the added flavors.  Yay!

C has been playing with his toy car a lot these days and is actually playing with it correctly.  He also loves playing with my cell phone and will hold it to his ears as though he is talking to someone.  Too cute! C's new love though is this really random stuffed monkey that my mom has at her house.  It is all kinds of dusty and he hasn't ever touched it, but boy does he love to point to it and be shown the thing. Matt has been making monkey noises and as soon as he does, C points to the shelf where the monkey is and will say "ah, ah, ah."  It is really funny! I think we are going to have to get it cleaned up so that he can play with it sometime soon as it sure does get him excited.

Day 288 (10/15)
C loves opening and closing the drawers on his dresser.  
He has totally gotten his fingers stuck, but that hasn't stopped him yet.

Day 289
Check out the massive egg on C's forehead! The bruise lasted for well over a week.

Day 290
Fighting sleep a little bit longer....but look at how those cheeks are filling out!

Day 291
Do I have to get out mama?!?

Day 292
Passed out in the car seat.  We were out a few nights and C fell asleep on the ride home.  Bliss!

Day 293

Day 294
Always checking things out.

A photo with Daddy too!

...Things to Remember...
- C managed to give me a swollen and bruised lip as well as a cut on my lip this week.  The swollen and bruised lip came from one of his toys that he swung right into my face.  OUCH! The cut on my lip was from one of his night time wake-ups while in our bed.  He was so loopy and tired that he sat up and then face planted his skull into my face.  Double OUCH! 
- We've been off work for a few days now and let me just tell you how much I am LOVING not having to pump.  I'll probably regret it when work starts back up and only being able to pump a little bit, but for now, the freedom from the pump is pretty fantastic!
- So I've got to curb my potty mouth before C's first word is something horrifically embarrassing.  Any suggestions??

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  1. Lovely serie fotos, sweet baby, have a nice sunday, greeting from Belgium.

  2. I think it's neat you've mapped out his first year like this. If only I had a digital camera when my kiddos were that small. I'd probably have a million photos of them though!

  3. I love that face on day 289! Too cute for words!

  4. Seems he's a very busy baby boy. You take lovely photos of him. <3


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