Monday, October 28, 2013

c's 43rd week

This has been a really HUGE week for us as C is officially no longer eating "baby" foods as he is now eating "adult" foods.  YEAH! I don't know why I'd worked it out to be so difficult in my mind, but the transition was really seamless and not hard at all.  Chris is super happy about the change as his appetite seems to have increased and he is way more interested in food again.  It has made our job so much easier as now C gets what we are eating ourselves or else toned down versions of things.  The only special food we make is his applesauce, which is also blended to be a bit chunkier.  Going out to eat has also been so much easier as we can just order C something from the menu rather than prepare things from home.  We still bring along some snacks (cheerios, bread, and bananas) of course, but now eating out doesn't have to be a planned event.  YAY!

With this new diet, C has tried so many new things this week.  He seems to love bread and has enjoyed toast, rolls, and pancakes.  He's also had pizza and spaghetti.  C's gotten to try potatoes and liked hash browns.  C is still getting lots of asian foods and has had fried rice, asparagus stir fry, and some herbs mixed into his meals.  He usually eats at least one meal a day that consists of rice mixed with vegetables which now also contains some meat and has enjoyed both chicken and pork.

Something else fun that we did this week was taking C to see elephants at one of the local Elephant Camps.  This time around, we simply watched the show and spent time just hanging out with the elephants.  C really enjoyed the show, especially when the elephants were playing soccer.  He didn't so much enjoy it when the elephants came around too close, but he also didn't cry.  Phew! Matt and I love elephants, so we will for sure be taking C back to see the elephants again.

Day 295 (10/22)
Always on the move!

Day 296
So cute in his camo!

Day 297
C loves pulling these plants and tries to eat them occasionally.

Furrowed sweet.
Day 298
Look at those eyes...they are blue/green in color I think.

We got some gifts from friends in Hong Kong! The Cheerios are a big deal as they are hard to come by here in town, so we are set for a while.  Now to just remind myself that these are for C and not for me... Thank you so much Angie and Morten for the yummy snacks and adorable Halloween costume! :) 
Day 299 (10/26)
C saw an elephant in person for the first time! What a fun day!
Click HERE for more on our trip to the elephant camp.

Day 300
C loves getting into his Apo's cabinets, so Matt thought putting a rubber band 
around the knobs would keep him out.  What do you think?? 

Day 301
C eating papaya....and this is why we bathe after meals! :) 

My sweet boy is getting so big!

...Things to Remember...
- C fed himself with a fork a couple of times this week.  I had the fork ready with some watermelon and C guided it into his mouth as I was going too slowly.  It was too cute and totally took me by surprise.
- C seems to be getting closer and closer to standing up on his own.  When he sits, he sits with one leg tucked under him and the other standing in front of him.  It basically looks as though he is getting ready to push himself up.  I'm excited for the next step, but also a bit nervous as there is no going back.  :) 
- On a personal note, my hair is still shedding.  As if shedding isn't bad enough, I now have TONS of baby hairs poking out all over my head.  They will not stay down and are so terrible to look at.  Hopefully they will grow out fast and be easier to control soon as my hair is driving me crazy!

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  1. C is so adorable and those eyes are mesmerizing. :)

  2. Oh chris grandma is coming soon I can not wait to hold you in my very own arms and kiss those sweet cheeks.......xoxo

  3. Delicious photos, beautiful eyes, very handsome!

  4. He has the sweetest little Cupid lips! I really enjoyed the table food stage too, as it takes less effort to have food on hand. Such a fun time of watching them try new foods. I had to double take the Cheerios, as I wondered how you got them, and knew it had to be a care package! We used to have Cheerios sent!

  5. He is so adorable!! Look at that smile, and oh, those eyes! :) <3


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