Tuesday, September 30, 2014

c in september

The months are flying by it seems with so many things to do.  Our weeks are busy with working all week long and then running around all weekend long with errands for the house.  It is seriously one thing after another with things to buy for the house, or things to fix up, or things to organize.  When will it end?!? That said, we are loving being in our space and enjoying most of the putzing about.  :)

The weather is warm these days and we are outside a lot.  We definitely hang out a lot in our driveway (in order to be outside, but in the shade).  One of these days we'll get our lawn sorted so that we'll have someplace else to play.  C doesn't know any better though and loves playing outside with all of his balls, in his toy house, and in his swimming pool.  I'm pretty sure he'd stay outside forever if we let him.


Just hanging in our driveway with all of his balls. 

Love this one!

C loves sweeping up.

Playing in a swimming pool filled with water and more balls! FUN!

Afternoon fun.

Cuddling up with papa and enjoying a good book.
Love my two dudes!

...All About C...
So this month has been another transition for C as he got a new nanny! Our old nanny was taking care of C and other children and was getting too overwhelmed.  So we went back to the drawing board and began frantically searching for someone to watch over C and thankfully we have got someone we think is just brilliant!

Our new nanny Nup (yes, all of C's nannies have N names for some reason - Nan, Nuan, Noot, and now Nup) is wonderful.  C has taken to her quickly and seems to be more settled in the nursery now.  He still cries when we leave him, but it is definitely for a shorter period.  Yay! The nanny is teaching C so much during the day.  He's learning about animals, numbers, and colors.  She spends time playing with him, reading with him, and encouraging him to try new things.  We are so thankful.

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