Sunday, August 31, 2014

c in august

This has been a big month for our family.  We have finally officially moved into our new home! YEAH! It's been a long time coming (2 years, but who's counting anymore).  We are thrilled to be in our new space and loving everything about it.  We've just got the bare necessities in right now, but are working to slowly fill up the space with our things.  It will definitely be a work in progress, but we are IN!

Matt and I also started back up to work this month.  It's been a hectic summer with our traveling and finishing up the house, so we both started the year off a wee bit tired.  Thankfully we are both teaching something we are familiar with, so that is helpful.  However, all of these changes to our house means that C now can't stay at home with his Apo anymore.  So as if we didn't throw enough at him, C has begun going to the nursery at our school 5 days a week with a new nanny (his old one had a baby and stopped working).

This last transition to school with the new nanny has been the hardest one for C.  He's cried so much this past month, but things are getting better slowly.  During the first couple of weeks, C balled his eyes out when we dropped him off, clinging to us and screaming our names.  Apparently this lasted for quite a while after we left.  But slowly and with lots of time and patience, C is getting better. At the end of the month, C now is crying a lot less and for a shorter amount of time.  He seems to be getting the hang of life in the nursery with the 3 other kids.  We are hoping he will soon learn to love it as it is HARD leaving him like this.

School this year has been a harder transition for me.  In order to cope, we've been leaving work at three and then coming home to be with C for the rest of the evening.  That means no work gets done while C is awake and usually I'm too exhausted to be able to do anything beyond zone out in front of the TV after C has gone to bed.  It's helped to find balance between work and family and I think we are doing okay.  We'll see how the rest of the year goes.


C loves his bananas! I love the way he is squatting like the Asian he is in the first shot.   

Feeding the fish at the Tiger Kingdom with Apo!

Checking out the elephants.  He loved them from afar, but definitely NOT up close.  :) 

It's been too long since we've had a mama and C picture.  He's gotten so big y'all!
C also LOVES his bubble maker...which he's since broken.  Sad.

C couldn't get enough of the rice.  Guess we don't feed him enough?!? HA!
Thank goodness for Apo bringing us some yummy food!

Just hanging in OUR driveway with some chalk. 

...All About C...
C is growing lots and is learning so much everyday.  He seems to pick up a new word daily and never ceases to surprise us with all that he can say and do.  Now that we are back at work after having spent all summer with him, it's crazy to see the changes a day can bring.

C is sleeping pretty well these days and even though he is still in our room, at least he is on his own mattress! That is improvement people! One day he may even be in his own room....but don't hold your breathe.  HA! He's napping twice a day still and sleeping fairly well through the night with only a couple of wake ups.  With all of the changes, the poor kid must be absolutely exhausted.

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