Friday, October 31, 2014

c in october

October was a long and difficult month.  My Apo, C's Atai (his last remaining great-grandparent) passed away.  It was really hard for the whole family even though we knew it was coming.  The funeral lasted almost a week, with lots of long days at the temple.  She got a great send off with lots of people coming by to pay their respects.

To make matters worse, my dad became really ill and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  Again, we have some wonderful family and friends who looked in on us all and supported us during this trying time.  Thankfully he has gotten better and is totally healthy again.

The bright moment was the end of the month when C got to experience trick-or-treating.  There is a neighborhood that opens up and allows trick-or-treaters to come in.  It was so much fun and C totally got into it.  We had the stroller, which C sat in during the longer walks.  But once we got to a house that had candy, the boy was out of his stroller and ready! He definitely caught on quickly and has now had his fair share of sweets.  


C's Atai's casket, family represented, and her afterlife materials.

Our little fireman!

C & Papa

 C & Mama

Happy family!

C with Apo & Kong Kong

C's first trick-or-treating experience with a cool scarecrow!

A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do! was NOT so comfortable.  :) 

...All About C...
C has been such a trooper this month.  We've had lots of temple and hospital visits and have totally been preoccupied with life.  Thankfully he's rolled with it all and has stayed pretty positive.  He's handled the crowds and all of the people wanting to hold him fairly well.  HA!

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